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Default oh boy! Met with my pcp!

I have the nicest pcp doctor there is. He is kind, cheerful and a Godly man. I love him. Today I went in to talk about weight loss surgery. I laid out my argument neatly and cleanly and I thought that he would put his arm around me and say, "there there peach, you are perfect the way you are."

Not quite

He told me he thought wls was a great idea. Best thing since..sliced bread! He gave me a perscription for wellbutrin and also for meridian, because I don't want to gain anymore weight before the surgery.

I told him what I needed including orders for blood work. I thought he would just write out the orders and then send me to the local hospital to have it done! Then he started talking about politics, I love politics and we are of like minds.....then he jabbed me with a needle and took two vials of blood.....YIKES.....guess I am on my way!!!

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What a "peach" of a doc you have there!! ha, ha I made a funny

In all seriousness, I'm so glad he is in your corner. Having a supportive PCP is a blessing!!

peachie is on her way, peachie is on her way........sing with me ya'll.........peachie is on her way

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you guys are weird!

cute though!

ps...after I have surgery do I get the "thin" dancers?
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LOLOLOL1!!!!! I'M LOVING THIS!!! peachie called me at work to tell me about this visit, and i wasn't sure at first if she was laughing or crying [she was laughing]. she had convinced herself that he was going to talk her out of it!!!!

and best of all, he went back in her records to check out her weight loss efforts, and he has everything!! SO she really and truly IS on her way.
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Congrats Peach!!!
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