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GreeneyedFaith 11-13-2002 11:54 AM

My story
I thought I'd share with readers about one surgery I had and the one I am about to get.
Well, on March 20th, 2002, I had a Breast Reduction. Some of you, I am sure are thinking this is not a weight loss surgery. Well I feel other wise. I was always big breasted and no matter how much weight I lost I never lost any off my breasts and instead I gained it!!!!:o Yes thats right...they got bigger. I was an overfilled 46dd..maybe even a 48. I really don't know. All I know is that I refused to buy a bigger bra out of embarrassment. Well I had the surgery. A whole 10lbs was removed from my chest!:cp: What a difference. I was smaller, perkier, and weighed 10 lbs less. And I went down 10 sizes. My only regret for this surgery is that I didn't get it done sooner in my life. I am 29. For those of you women in here that might be considering it, I have a wonderful sight for you to see that will show you before and after pics of Breast reductions. Also a message board to talk to ladies who have gotten it done or are considering it. www.sisterstreet.com .
My next attempt is a tummy tuck. I know this is not a form of weight loss either, but to some extent it will help. I have already talked to my family doctor who thinks I am an excellent candidate and is willing to write my Medical Health a letter for covering the cost. I also have an appointment for December 10th, 2002, with my Plastic Surgeon for a consultation. It's up to him if he will do the surgery or not. He is the same doctor who performed my Breast Reduction. He is an excellent doctor so I feel very comfortable with him. I have what is known as an apron of fat from gaining excessive weight during both my pregnancies. And now I find it very hard to move, exercise, or even find the right fitting clothes and some other medical things. I totally feel that once this is removed, I will be able to acomplish a more better weight loss as well. I would be able to exercise or even walk. I pray every night that he will perform the surgery for me.:crossed:
Anyways is there anyone else out there who is considering this surgery or someone who has already gone through with it. I would love to hear form you.
Anyways this is my story and Im sticking to it!!!:joker:

:flow1: Islandgurl29 :flow1:

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