Almost 4 months post and down 70 lbs!

  • As of last weigh day (Friday) I am down to 208 lbs from 278 lbs! I feel and look amazing. I am so glad I had WLS

    Check out my webpage for current before/after pics
  • I took a peek at your photos, you look wonderful!!!!

    It's also good to see people finding our wls section of 3fc's.

    Hope to get to know you better.

    Lap-rny 01-14-02 starting weight 321
    due to MANY complications, including high calorie tube feedings, my weight was up to 341 on March 15th.
    Since March 15th my numbers are
  • you look sooo fab
    but more important, you're healthier and happier!!!

    we're hoping more and more folks find this forum... so hang out with us!!!!

    i started at 506 last summer, and had surgery on january 29, 2001 weighing 409. and as of 10 days ago, i was 269... need to check it again. reality helps!!!

    and i finally have less than 100 pounds to go!!!! YIPPEEEEEEE!!!!!