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Smile Hi Everyone! Especially Newbies!

Hi there everyone!

I haven't posted on here regularly for a while but I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I thought I'd put an encouraging post out there for any newbies who are thinking of surgery.

I'm 3.5 years out of laproscopic surgery RNY. I thought I'd tell you about how my life has changed with my surgery.

Four years ago, I was very unhappy in my own skin. Although I was happily married and had a great job, I found that I was in essence, becoming more and more like a hermit, preferring to avoid social situations, staying on my computer and doing things at home. I rarely went out with friends. It was just easier in some ways to turn down invitations and park my butt in front of the television with a snack than to risk going out and having to deal with judgmental people. I was having a hard time being mobile in terms of getting winded very easily. I'd avoid going up a flight of stairs. I moved my body only when it was required. My health was starting to decline, had alot of joint, knee and hip pain, back pain.

Flash forward - 3.5 years later. I've lost 130 lbs. I've played with a few pound with regain but I'm getting over myself for that. I've had a bad last year dealing with emotional eating and the issues that crop again after a while, but finally feel like I'm in control and focused again about my eating.

I lead a very active life. On Monday, I have a group of four friends that I walk with every Monday night. On Tuesdays, I play floor hockey with my new best friend Lisa. On Thursdays, Lisa, I and her sister often go to a bar to hear Celtic Music. on Friday nights, Lisa and I coach Special Olympics athletes in swimming (yes, me a swim coach!). In October, I walked the Detroit Marathon and got my first medal and thirst for marathons. I walk like crazy. I literally will walk from one end of the city to go to a store or to shop. People think I walk an insane amount now but I love every minute of it.

The point is, I'm active and I'm very social. My hubby jokes that he hardly sees me anymore. I have friends again and feel so much more well adjusted and happier than I've ever been. I'm no spring chicken at 39 years old but I can honestly say that I'm the most active I've ever been and 40 is just around the corner.

There are bumps in the road, certainly. I've had some medical issues: short term anemia, hypoglycemia, osteopenia....I've spent the last year battling my eating demons again (counselling helped for sure) and I've had to work on my relationship with hubby as our lives no longer revolve around food. I've had some self image problems too and am working on that.

My point is that there are going to be good and bad moments along your journey. I wish all the newbies all the luck with making the choice for themselves. I hope that you all have the joy brought to your lives that I have! Good luck to you all


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Default Thank You!

I love hearing from the "oldsters"! LOL!!! My greatest worry is regain. I'm over two years out and fight the battle everyday! My dad has been in the hospital and it has been a very stressful time. Fortunately for me you don't have access to a frig while you are waiting in the hospital!

For any of you that read this, please don't think that I'm all doom and gloom about regain and WLS. But, the reality of the thing is that it does and can happen. I talked with a nurse at the hospital about this new wheelchair thingy that I saw sitting in the hallway, and related to her an incident about being obese and a small-butted wheelchair. She asked me how I lost the weight and I told her WLS. She said, "Oh, I know two people that had WLS and both of them are now bigger than they were before the surgery." GULP!

You all keep up the good fight! I hate how food is still such a major issue in my life, but that is the way it is! So, NANCY JUST DEAL WITH IT!!!!!

Stef, please let us hear from you on a regular basis. There are so many newbies that I have lost count and they can so relate and learn from you. I knew after a few weeks after the WLS, that maintenance was going to be the biggest challenge for me. I was right!
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not bad for a 47 yr Nana!
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That's sucn an encouragement! Thanks so much.

We hear a lot about the ones that are starting out, it's exciting to remember the good and bad of getting or just having surgery but it's very good to hear from those that are still at this...that are doing well, that are honest about the tough patches as well as the good times.

Again, Thanks...I needed to hear that.


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