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Default RnY was Tuesday and now im home..

In recovery...I feel like I just did 250 sit ups...not that I've ever done 250 sit ups but I imagine if I had, this is what it would feel like lol! I'm sore..they gave me a Rx for liquid hydrocone and shipped me out of the hospital with several containera of Optisource protein shakes. I'm reading thru the tons of reading material they gave me but..it says 2-4 oz but I don't see where it says how many times/day or how much of the other itms I can have..I've graduated onto full liquids now..so cream of wheat, creamed soups, etc...literature from doc says after a few days I shud be able to accommodate about 24 oz in a day. I'm one of those people that needs a schedule laid out for me with times and amts ..I don't wanna over or under consume...I go back to see the dr Next thurs..any suggestions on how often and what I shud have these first few days? Thanks!!
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Default oops!

Sorry bout all the typos! I just noticed...that's what happens when I use the cell instead of my computer
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you can post from your cell??? i'm so non-techno!!!! [but i DO own something like 4 laptops - from a 486 up!!!

i went from clear liquids + protein shakes to soft food. no cream of wheat. no creamed soups. but i COULD puree soemthing like lentil soup and eat small amounts of that. my doc said that they - cream of wheat and tomato soup and creamed soups - had too many carbs and not enough protein. so if you start feeling bad after you eat them, that may be the issue.

ok. having said that. eggs were OK, to a point. it took me more than 2 years before i could eat scrambled eggs - but others found them easiest. i did real well with deviled eggs, though.

glad you're doing soooo very well!!!!
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I had my RNY 6 years ago and STILL remember the sit-ups pain. For me that was the worst of it. My gallbladder removal and 2 C-sections were the top of pain. Anyhoo. If memory serves me.....this far out you should be taking in what you can. 1 week out for me, I was doing well and started soft scrambled eggs, sugar free yogurt and even did well with low fat cottage cheese(still, chew, chew,chew). This was pretty much my only food intake besides my protein drink(which I had mixed up and sipped throughout the day, along with my water). My Doc. said at this point....sip one protein drink a day, sip as much water as you can and fill in the rest with your few bites of food here and there when you feel the need to. I hope this helps. As always follow your Dr.s advise, but it sounds like so far you are chugging along just great.
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not bad for a 47 yr Nana!
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Hi honey! Get lots of rest but do try to get in some walking...it helps with the the pain and prevents bloodclots.

I'm like you...I need to know where my limits are....talk to your NUT if you have any questions but here's what mine said.

I was told for the first week, it's Protein Shakes, 1 oz 3 times a day and 1 oz of something protein inbetween each meal. I ate something every 2-3 hours or so. In between...sip sip sip the water. Try freezing a water bottle and sipping the melt off when it gets to be about an oz.

Now for food, I couldn't stomach eggs in any form so be careful of that. Cottage cheese (small curd in very small bites [I used a baby spoon!] and chew it 40 times each bite...make it liquid before you swallow), Chicken stock with salt (I needed the salt content. I had an issue with not enough salt for a few months after surgery. Bullion if I didn't have the stock...but stock has protein...better for the cause! hehe), a very thin pruee of lentals or beans with stock, SF yogurt as long as it didn't have Fruit pieces in it, etc

Good luck and come here often!


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Welcome Home !!!

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Wonderful wonderful wonderful!!! Thank u for the helpful tips!!! I have been walkin. I got adventurous yest thinkin I could make it around the block but after realized that wasn't such a hot idea I'm such a dork! So now I do laps around the sofas and dining table..I walked to my dads house today for Christmas lunch..it's only 4 houses away so that was good. Then I get there his wife had made a wonderful spread fit 4 a king--none of which I could partake but she's so sweet and was thoughtful enough to make me a chicken vegetable broth from scratch that was flavorful and yummy. Its all my lil pouchie could handle and I didn't feel deprived at all. I don't feel hunger. I would love to try cottage cheese, beans, string cheese, egg but I'm scared still since I'm only on day 3 and doc said full liquids til I see him next Thurs. I did have whole grain Cream of Wheat this morning (it has 7g of protein) and I threw in some powdered milk to up the protein as well. It was yum..it makes sense the cottage cheese should be ok if I chew chew chew...Merry Christmas everyone!!!
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