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Question 3 years postop RNY can't lose weight - please help


I am almost 3 years out from gastric bypass and am having trouble losing some weight that I regained.

Right now it's only about 15 pounds but I don't want it to get to be more than that, but I never really reached my doctor's goal weight (150) although I did get to a little below my own goal of 160 - the lowest I ever weighed was 157.

I started doing Weight Watchers on my own and in the first week I lost 1.5 pounds being very careful to track my points and account for everything I ate. Then I joined WW with my daughter who needs to lose about 40 pounds and I thought that we could be good support for each other and the structure of meetings would be helpful.

So my first week there I gained 0.8 pounds and the second week I didn't lose anything. My points allowance is 23 and I am eating all my points and most of the weekly extra points but being careful not to go over. I've been concentrating on protein first and salads and fruit and some whole grains.

Right now I have a knee injury and am not exercising. Even stationary bike and water aerobics cause pain. I know some exercise would help but just can't believe that I'm not able to lose weight.

Does anyone have any ideas?
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Hey Charleston
I'm also 3 years out and it's not easy I'm 10 above My lowest and Losign and gaining the same 5 pounds. Perhaps you should see a nutritionist? Can you get PT for your Knee? Then at least they could give you some exercises
What are your portions like?
Have you had bloodwork done recently? Perhaps you should. Have you been to your surgeon for an annual exam.
If it looks like your knee is goign to be a long term injury there is a series of DVDs I like Called Chair Aerobics for Everyone
google them
Good Luck!!
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oh boy. do we EVER understand. just a comment about water aerobics. at one point a few years after surgery, i ripped the meniscus [again!], and could walk only with a cane, and was cursing with every single step - the ONLY thing i could do for exercise was water aerobics, but seriously - every time that toe touched bottom, i thought i'd cry!!!

but for whatever reason, the instructor noticed, and said are you 'level 4' and i had NO idea what she meant. but then she tossed me a couple of noodles and said 'here - don't touch bottom' and that took care of it!

maybe helpful???

as for the rest - lots of people do quite well on WW - my suggestion: make sure you're hitting your protein goals before eating anything else at a meal - and then eat the veggies after the protein. no matter what WW says, we gotta keep the carbs low.

but look!!! you're taking control EARLY, and you WILL get this weight off. and you should really look in the mirror several times a day and congratulate yourself for all that you've done.
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Go back to the basics of WLS food. No breads, no sugars. Protein, Veggies, Fruit....You will see a huge difference. Portion control
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Jiff here's a Q Do you count Beans and cheese as Proteins or carbs Just curious
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what they said.
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Weight Watchers is not a program specifically for wls peeps-we need more protien and calcium specifically. I would drop the program as it is not working for you and maybe go back to your wls basics-more toward the way your doc had you eat after surgery.

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how much calorie free fluid are you drinking each day? how many calories are you drinking?
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