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The Beekeeper 02-27-2014 08:09 PM

Thx, KO. Can you make some recommendations on what kinds of solid liquids? I'm looking at her 5DPT book so if some of those recipes worked for you, please share . . .

DivaToni 04-22-2015 11:42 AM

newbie here
hey everyone, in 2010 i did a crazy thing and went to mexico to have a vertical sleeve i know i know i was nuts but desperate to be thin . of course i lost like 40 pds not eating for a whole month would do that . i started gaining it back and i was more depressed than ever . then after 2 years i decided to seek out another dr and found a great one in nj that would help me this time i didnt have to pay out of pocket it was covered by my insurance and it was in usa lol . he takes a look at my xray that was givin to me and it wasnt done correctly sooooooooo he decided to do a bypass on me and i figured this time it would work and guess what ? it didnt am i destined to stay fat ? i think the only time i will have a hot smokin body is when i die and get cremated . i know this isnt a fix blah blah blah and you have to work hard at it blah blah blah but why is it easier for some to just keep it off ? so here i am 55 yrs old 5.4 and 213.8 pds thank God i carry my weight preety well or id look even bigger . so nowq i decided to go back on la weight loss i have all the info so im not spending another penny . i have a great support team at home my husband loves me any old way he doesnt care but i care looking foward for some encourgement and to give back ;-)

QuilterInVA 04-23-2015 09:39 AM

The bypass doesn't do the work, you do. You have to follow the diet to the letter and exercise. You can do this. It's a matter of choices - you either choose to do what results in weight loss, or you don't. Keep a food and exercise diary - myfitnesspal.com is a great place for this. Just log what you are currently eating and then you can see where you need to make modifications. Find some exercise you can do every day, mix it up but find something you enjoy. Walking is fine. You'll get more feedback if you start a new thread.

Jane 04-25-2015 12:24 PM

Divatoni, Susan has given you some very good feedback. Since you are interested in pursuing a different weight loss method than surgery, this forum isn't for you. Here is a link to the Diet Central forum, a place where you can discuss LA weight loss or any other method of non-surgery weight loss options.
Good luck to you!

annrich 07-02-2015 03:32 PM


Originally Posted by KO (Post 2905064)
The first 2 days is liquids
the 3rd is soft protein like eggs/tuna
the f4th is firm protein like ground meat
and the 5th and final is solid protein

no drinking 1/2 before and after and the non liquid meals are supposed to last around 15 min.
Kaye the lady who developed this has all kind of soup recipes and whatnot for the liquid days
and you can have protein shakes all the way through if you like
or soft proteins on the firm and solid days and so on
I'm going out to lunch on day 4 :eek: however the place we're going to makes Italian tuna salad. so I'm good to go.
The whole point is to shrink your pouch/banded area, show you how little it takes to be comfy and kill the cravings.

I do think my new name should be Tinkles the clown!

hmmm, i can't live without fruits and vegetables...

xbubloox 08-15-2017 01:13 PM

can i still do this.. i had gb in 2009

kivi nara 09-03-2017 06:39 AM

i do not accept surgery for weight loss

kivi nara 09-03-2017 06:41 AM

because there are a lot of thinks on internet about weight loss

Ramzi 10-26-2017 10:59 PM

Yes I am going to do as-well. Nice plan thanks :)

Julia2189 12-20-2018 01:32 PM

Good luck!

Dsintin101 10-20-2020 11:40 PM

thanks for sharing

alwies 10-26-2020 03:18 PM

Good luck with the diet. I'm sure it works. I feel very happy for successful stories.

HardissonHard 12-19-2020 05:45 AM

Interesting experiment. Has anyone tried it too?

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