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Default afraid to do it - but still want to

Hi Ladies
I am giving WLS serious thought but am so scared of all of the changes. Can anyone share what they learned to overcome their fears? I have been doing some reading on the internet, can anyone tell me the best sites for the most current information? Naturally I am afraid to die from the surgery but I am also afraid of what life will be like after the surgery (and still afraid to continue living at this weight with all of the limits and health issues). I am so confused....
Thanks so much for sharing your experiences and resources.
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wow. so few sentences - so much info you need!!!! i gotta run out to do some errands, but i'll try to link you to some good threads around here. bottom line, there are changes in relationships, and ya gotta think about the why and how you eat - there's a saying around here that if hunger isn't the problem, then food isn't the answer -

easy to say, but hard to do.

we'll talk more over the next couple of days.
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Eating for two!
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I was afraid of surgery...until I found the surgery that was right for me. Please be sure to research ALL your options (bands, RNY, DS, and VSG are the four most widely available in the US), and maybe you will find one that is less scary to you. Although, there is a risk of dying from any of them, but that risk is extremely low as long as you select a reputable, experienced surgeon. Statistics for death from surgery and major complications include figures from butcher surgeons, so the stats of your chosen surgeon are the only ones you should be concerned about. "They" like to say there's a .5% chance of death from WLS, but my chosen surgeon had NEVER lost a single DS patient (out of hundreds), so I was more comfortable with that.
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i'm pre-op my surgery is 4 weeks from tomorrow. I can't wait. My husband had surgery a week ago. he was scared to death. I think he's happy he did it.

basically you have to change your life totally. you need to move, you need fluids, you need to ingest high quality food since you are so limited in amounts.

you need to comply with taking all your vitamins and supplements for the rest of your life.

eventually you will feel more normal. you will eat smaller amounts of good food if you comply

the WLS is a tool. it's NOT magic.
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I love this site! 3fc has been my weight loss companion for YEARS
I just found Bariatrictv.com and it's very tongue and cheek and irreverent but a lot of good information and a very supportive group of people
you have to find where you're most comfortable
Any successful weight loss surgery or not includes Big changes in your life for good.
Good Luck!
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not bad for a 47 yr Nana!
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Research is a best place to start! Ask questions, read...read...read! Education and knowledge are the key. Jill's right in that the more we know about our options and the results that other people have had (good and bad) the less fearful we are about making the decision that's right for us. I chose RNY, Jill chose the DS, other's the Lap Band or the Vertical Sleeve...etc. because we weighed the options and chose what was right for us. I would never recommend anyone have surgery, for me it was a very personal choice, though I would do it a 1,000 times over. If you find yourself in the place we all were...without any other avenue, no other recourse...then I will gladly tell you what I know, give all the support I can offer you to help you get through this life changing experience!

Weight Loss Surgery is a lifetime commitment to taking Vitamins, exercise and eating well...just as it would be with out surgery. It became the most important tool I have to start me in the right direction of self care.

A good counselor that is trained to deal with eating disorders was a fabulous window to understanding myself and why I overeat in the first place (childhood and early adulthood trauma). Important knowledge so that I could get the most out of WLS without sabotaging it.

Good luck honey! Here's hoping you find your way sooner rather then later!


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Thanks for all of your support and information. Since my inital post, I have attended a WLS info session at the hospital and spoke with a new friend who had complications but an overall successful experience. I have my consultation set for 9/8 and will be discussing the RNY bypass. It feels good to have a decision, feel that it will be safe, and know that I can come here for more support. Thanks again!
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