Passed the next stage of approval for Plastic Surgery!

  • Ok here's the deal...I'm having a procedure call a Fleur de lis abdominoplasty (called that because of the shape of the scar) at the University of Utah residency clinic! There were several pre-surgery requirements...a consult with the surgeon, Check! Acquiring the money, Check! (It was only a fraction of the cost if having it done in Boise) Approval by the Attending, Check! Now, I am just waiting for a date!

    I don't feel I look like I've lost the amount of weight I have lost (mostly without clothes that is) because of the skin issue. Though I, my boyfriend and now the surgeon can see that I am a skinny thing underneath it all! I am so excited!
  • first of all, congratulations on your fascinating weight loss! as far as surgery, i'm happy for you and i think only after it you will realize just how much weight you lost and what an accomplishment that is! good luck, can't wait to hear from you when you recover from the surgery!
  • Cool Beans !!!
  • that's exciting news.
  • That's AWESOME!!
  • I'm so happy and excited for you
  • That is great. What is your recovery time?
  • So excited for you ... even a little jealous! Hope you get your date soon!