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Default What Makes You Successful?

Whether you're just out of surgery or been many years post-op, what has contributed to the success of your WLS journey?

Mine are:

Keeping the jeans I wore day of surgery in the back of my closet...a reminder NOT to go back into those!

Encouragement from a very good friend that though I'm doing great, not to carry it too far to the point it could damage my health (like that would happen anyway..heh).

My Higher Power.
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waking up every morning, and walking because I CAN - and i'm not bedridden and on oxygen. i CANNOT return to those days!!!!
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I made a commitment to myself before I had WLS to follow the rules. I've never missed a day of vits/minerals and eat the protein I'm supposed to. By doing all of that I feel I give myself the best chance to suceed.
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Dittos Jiffy!!!!!! I'M ALIVE!!!!! I got to see my two twin cousins the middle of June who both had WLS a few months apart. I saw happiness, healthiness, and life; slimmed down girls who now have a better quality of life ahead of them.

I struggle just about everyday with good choices and better nutrition. I'm beat up from obesity, but WLS has given me a chance to live! I'm grabbing it with both hands.
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Excited about my new life
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I was being nosey to see what you all were talking about, I am only about 7 months out. My motivation may very different than those that have been post op for more than a year. At this time the scale, compliments, cheaper clothing, smaller clothes, feeling good, being able to fit in the movie theater chair, I hope to get on a ride a Six Flags and life itself is keeping me going. By all means I am talking to God the whole way through and convincing myself that I am important and I am responsible for my temple.
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