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Talking Celebrating in my head!

I am celebrating the fact that I have lost 100 pounds from my highest recorded goal weight!!!!!!! According to my bathroom scale which weighs lighter than other "official scales" but it's the one I use everyday.

It's been slow going lately, but I haven't gained any back. And I'm going to the gym now that school is out. I'd feel great if it weren't for this damn cancer and the treatment, but I'm 'fortunate' as far as that goes if there's such a thing in cancerland.

So, I'm proud of myself!

Never again will I weigh 300 pounds unless I am unconscious and people are shoving food down my throat.
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good for you, well done and about the cancer
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Excited about my new life
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Way to Go! You are doing great, look at those numbers declining.
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not bad for a 47 yr Nana!
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Go Terry! Go Terry! Go Terry! Go Terry! Go Terry!

I understand that losing weight...the positive upbeat attitudes that come with success of that WL...good health in all other areas of your body...has been shown to help with reducing the severity of the side effects of chemo and helps the treatments work better and more efficient! I am so glad that you could have this 100lbs off and have all it's "side effects" to help you better deal with the cancer.

Love and hugs to you Terry!


Go Terry! Go Terry! Go Terry! Go Terry! Go Terry! Go Terry! Go Terry! Go Terry! Go Terry! Go Terry! Go Terry! Go Terry! Go Terry! Go Terry! Go Terry!

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Congratulations !!!!!!
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