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Default New Attitude about Food Journal :)

So While I'm not Feeling Good from My head to my shoes, I know where I'm going and I know what to do!

1 packet oats
2 tbsp flax
dash vanilla
Tbsp of PB

Collard Greens Quiche
Coffee with 1/3 atkins shake
Dr'ed up Lentil soup

Snack (possible)
Sf Choc Pudding

Dinner Mexican (we had a change of venue)
Either Garlic Shrimp with a side of veggies or black bean soup with a side of veggies

I'm grateful that I doubled my exercise this Morning and that I got complemented on my Butt! I love new outfits!
This Morning was super stressful and involved some yelling on my part at homeo not at work. .
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S/C/G: SW308/CW159/GW170

Height: 5'7"


I made my DH and GKs a grand-slam breakfast this AM. Whole wheat silver dollar pancakes, an over easy egg, breakfast meat (turkey spam!!! YUCK!, but GS loves the stuff), Rocket grilled hashbrowns and SF syrup.

Me: Cup of chai tea when I was cooking to keep me from tasting everything
One over easy egg
2 Silver dollar pancake - SF syrup
Couple of bites of GD leftover hashbrown

Snack: A protein bar - Pure Protein

Lunch: I taste tested a batch of chili, a batch of sloppy joes and two swigs of diet mountain dew. I'm an idiot. My belly hurts from the carbonation and I burp like a pig.

Back is still on the fritz and since I'm not moving too well, I'm sitting here with ten clips in my hair and my GD is putting make-up on me. Right now my eyebrows look.....well very purple and angry! LOL! I have glittery eye make-up on my cheeks for blush. She went to get her Barbie blow drier and fake scissors because my bangs need "trimmed"! Oh, the things I must endure as a grandmother. DH is off today and the minute he sits down to take his nap, I'm going to let her "cut" his hair!!!!

I made a vow to start and log in everything that I eat or drink and just don't seem to get it done. I really like to measure things before I eat them because my eyeballs measure things so much bigger. I spend more energy complaining about not logging my food than it would take to actually log it in.

No exercise again today, I'm still dead from trying to shovel yesterday. Can anyone say stupid? Okay here goes.......N A N C Y!!!! You don't shovel when you need back surgery, well your not suppose to anyway!! LOL!!

Supper: Bowl of chili with shredded cheese

Snack: Is going to be a 1/2 c. of stevia flavored ricotta cheese with SF peaches.

I have a George Stella cheesecake in the oven. Has low-fat cream cheese, splenda, ricotta, ff sour cream, and two whole eggs and three egg yolks. Not something that I will be able to have on a regular basis and DH can't have it at all, but chubby sister is coming over and I have to give her something good.

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