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Default Can Anyone Recommend ..........

I am thinking for reference I would like to get a book that tells me the protien in foods that you purchase "out"- not like fast food necessarily- but you get the idea?

Any suggestions would be great.

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Hey Chunky: Go up to the Protein Gram topic at the beginning of this thread and peruse that. Should give you an idea of what you can give you the most protein. I can't really recommend a book because I'd probably just try to track it down in this house and try to eat it. Never mind me......I'm having a carby, c r a p p y, crabby day!!
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CalorieKing.com has a searchable database.
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rule of thumb: 1 oz of meat, fish, chicken, turkey, whatever has ABOUT 7 grams of protein [plus or minus]. soooo, if the menu says that they're giving you an 8 oz burger [that'll be 8 oz uncooked!], and it loses about 20% of its weight during cooking [just about everything loses 20% of its weight!], you're actually looking at about 6 oz of burger on your plate.

6 x 7 = 42 grams. but you can't eat 6 oz of meat. you'll be lucky to get through 3 oz, which will be about 21 grams.

soooo, if there's nutrition information availalbe [either on the menu or on the internet before you go out], use that as a guide. or ask your server. after awhile, though, you'll get pretty good at estimating.

remember: a 3-oz serving of meat/chicken/fish is about the size of the palm of your hand.
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