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aka Superwoman!
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Location: Finchley, London, UK
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S/C/G: SW:226/16st - about 50lbs lost

Height: 5'8"


1) Get my black belt
2) Get my 2nd Dan black belt
3) Be a "Tough Guy"
4) Lose 7-14lbs
5) Buy a flat
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fat chick FKA Velveteen
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S/C/G: 210.5/169/G 150

Height: 5'5


My goals in 2007:

Lose 18KG or 40lbs. That's average 1.5KG a week. SHORT TERM goal is 7.5KG by beginning of April (then I will be just under what I weighed in April 2005).

Toss the Death Sticks for good! I'm just tired of smoking but I keep doing it. *sigh*

Get a new job that PAYS ME WHAT I'M WORTH.

Pay my bills on time with nothing behind and have some extra cash left over at the end of the month.

Put money in savings each month (at least 50). Use THAT money for vacation and not credit cards.

Develop exercise habit. Start taking care of ME physically!

Keep working on myself emotionally.

(re)learn an instrument, do something more socially.
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Eating for two!
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S/C/G: 324 highest known/on hold/150

Height: 5' 5"


Originally Posted by kittymuse View Post
Well... yes... I do think about more than just my weight (which is all I mentioned in my post above)
ha, not me For me, 2007 will be a priority year for weight management. I've spent too many years making other people happy (and I'm only 24!)--I need to do this for me.

Sure, there are other things going on in my life--I would like to get engaged, buy a condo, maybe pick up an interesting part-time job or hobby...but all of those come with too many "what ifs" for me to make them solid goals for 2007. My weight is the one thing I feel I have the most control over
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Let's do this!
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S/C/G: 210/149/140

Height: 5'6.5


Things that are on the must-do list for 2007:

*GRADUATE FROM COLLEGE. This is non-negotiable. Now or never.
*Run a 5k. Or two.
*maintain, maintain, maintain.
*Find a job that suits me, or at least a field that will keep me in the state.

On my list of things that would be nice if they happened:
*get engaged
*buy a townhouse
*get a new car. As in not just new to me, but new to the road.
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So happy to be me :)
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Location: North Carolina
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Height: 5' 7"

Default My goals for this year

Well, weight is so important to me. I want to be wearing a size 8 pants by the end of the year. (Smaller than I have ever worn in my adult life.) I am currently a size 14, so I hope this is reasonable. I also want to be safely in the average weight category.

I want to be stronger. I want to be able to jog for a half hour without stopping. I want to be able to do a real push-up.

I want to finish my Master's degree, and show a strong finish in my last two classes this Spring semester. I am getting tired of being in school, so this is a big one for me.

I want a good job. Both for the Spring semester if that works out, and after I graduate in May.

I want to go back to church. I used to be really active, but I am not any longer. I want to find a good church again and get involved.

I want to continue to nurture and grow my relationship with my boyfriend. (Hopefully that will include engagement some time this year!)
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Posts: 103

S/C/G: 270.9/176.1/165

Height: 5'6"


My goals are:
  • Maintain my current weight loss.
  • Incorporate more 'clean' foods into my diet.
  • Run a 5k and 30 minutes on the treadmill.
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