2007 Goals???

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  • I want to exercise 5 or 6 days a week, every week in 2007!

    I want to somehow lose weight and still fit in my wedding dress in Sept '07 (which I'm probably buying around Christmas).

    I want to hit a level of weight that I can maintain by summer. Then I'll worry about losing again.
  • Great thread!

    In 2007:
    1) Reach normal BMI
    2) Go on outdoorsy (hiking, rafting, etc) vacation with my sister
    3) Take some kind of artistic class (glassblowing sounds best so far)
    4) Buy a new car
    5) Buy my own townhouse (rent sucks)
    6) Relocate the cheekbones I've seemed to misplace...
    7) Be more organized in general
  • This is great!
    Well lets see...I just started having goals for 2006 in October/November but I'm good so far...I successfully finished my masters, mapped out a financial plan and started in the right direction towards being fit and healthy.

    In 2007 I would like to continue down the path of my healthy eating and up the excercise more and lose a significant amount of weight...heading towards onederland and generally in the direction of maintenance.

    I would like to be successful in my career in order to set me up to advance in 2008.

    Get out of debt! I know its gonna take longer to pay off my student loans but I would at least like to get rid of the credit card debt and my bits and pieces of other debt that being a student for the past 8 years has left me with and start getting a solid financial nest egg going.... which will hopefully put me in a position to move out of my parents garage by the end of the year.

    Along with working on my body I'd like to work on myself mentally as well...kick smoking, deal with my fear of men and dating, keep my party girl tendancies on the back burner in search of a more grown up life.

    Take a vacation and visit parts of the US I've never been to...its a shame I've traveled half the world and have barely seen the country I live in!

    My personal vanity goal for 2007 is to be confident enough to wear a bathing suit in public by the time it starts getting nice in new england again. I haven't even owned one since 2002 and even then I only wore it once....kinda sad

    Best of Luck
  • Goals = Choices
    Many times in workshops (long ago when dinasaurs roamed the earth) I asked people to write down their 10 favorite activities. When they finished I asked them to place the date of the last time they had done each activity.
    Now, my husband used to say, "keep your eye upon the donut, not upon the hole". Losing weight is our goal but living our lives is why we lose the weight. I am about to turn 65. I want to be healthier than I was when I turned 64.
  • 1. Reach my Goal Weight by my birthday

    2. Journal my food and exercise. I find I'm slacking a bit during this holiday season.

    3.Go on 5-7 hour day hikes. I already do 2-3 hour ones but want to increase my times

    4. Buy fashionable clothesm mine are baggy and worn out

    5. A better routine for housework. Like days planned to do certain things. I probably need a journal for this too. My house isn't too bad but I tend to do everything at once instead of balancing it out more.

    6. Save money for a trip for 2008

    7. Get my hair cut and colored more often

    8. Get out and do more fun things in our community. Go on the house tour, go to the Nutcracker, go the theater, go to more movies, Valentine Weekend, Ghost Tour etc.
  • I know it's ambitious but I'd really like to be at my goal weight by my 21st birthday on September 8th. Ok, "really like" is an understatement. I'd be so freakin' happy. Deliriously happy.

    A friend of mine is getting married in June, and there's a certain super cute size 14 dress hanging in my closet that I'd like to wear. But hey, if I'm too small for it, I won't be too disapointed Have enough nerve to hit on the super-cute best-man. Or any of the other super-cute friends of the groom.

    I'd also like to complete the C25k workout and run a 5k in 2007.

    Non-weight related goals? Learn how to do cables, crochet, and weave. Finish that freakin' sweater that I've been working on for 3 years!! Also throw an amazing 21st birthday party and have enough nerve to plant a big kiss on a guy I've had a little crush on since the 2nd grade.

    Oy. ya'll.
  • My goals:

    a) Get to 145 lbs by June or thereabouts. Along with that - keep up the daily exercise and calorie counting.
    b) Get ahead at work - have experiments planned out that I hope to have enough motivation to complete so I can show *something* for all the early mornings and late evenings I have put into this project.
    c) Start researching possible jobs to take up once I'm done with school. Along with that, work on my CV.
    d) Be NICE to people.
    e) Someone up thread wrote about re-establishing connections with friends? Yeah, me too. I'm so bad at calling people back. I'm lucky I still have friends. SIGH.
  • Well, as for my own goals.... Hmmmmmmmm....
    • Lose a good 60 Lbs of my GW
    • Finally see my ab muscles
    • Be fit and keep up my healthy diet
    • Get in touch with old friends
    • Set a DATE for our wedding
    • Work out 6 days a week

    At least, those are my goals right now. Geeze, a year seems so long to me. Get gone NOW, fat!

  • Tiffie - your avatar is GORGEOUS!!! Just thought I'd chime in with that thought...
  • Thanks. got it from allavatars dot com, in case you were interested.
  • This has been so great to read! Here are mine:

    --exercise 3-5 days a week for a minimum of 60 minutes total
    --choose healthy foods and limit alcohol and junk
    --lower my blood glucose #s
    --get my cholesterol #'s normal
    --get my blood pressure away from the borderline

    --read more books as opposed to mags like People and US
    --learn conversational Spanish (to help with my job)
    --work on personal issues with certain people in my life
    --set up a budget and stick to it!

    --spend more time meditating
    --be more generous with my time and resources
    --work on self-esteem
    --give love as much (or more) than I get love
    --plan a relaxing vacation with my partner
  • 2007, w00t!
    This is such a great and motivating thread! I wish we could check back to it every month or so and see if each one of us is really working towards it.

    2007 Goals:

    *My domestic incompetence...(YP1 said this which has always plagued me and I wish I could get rid of in 2007)

    *Reach my goal weight of 128 by the summer07

    *Get A+ Certified (hardware and software)

    *Get Network+ Certified

    *Get a job

    *Pay off my 3 credit cards (not much owed, but enough to annoy)

    *Always have my computer room, bedroom, bathroom clean

    *Exercise 7 days a week, even if for only 15minutes

    *Continue with piano lessons

    *Be able to afford that Casio keyboard I want

    *No more speeding tickets!

    *finally reach 21 and drink a Moijto on my 21st!

    *Go back to school and finish my degree

    I have many more, but I hope I can cope with these!
  • Thanks Tiffie - I'm looking at them right now.
  • Really Awesome Thread

    -- Reach Goal (20 pounds of it by my Birthday 03-22)
    -get my eyebrows, and hair done more often
    -dress like I care about myself
    -finally get a blood test to check glucose level
    -run a 5k this summer

    --Stay on Dean's List
    --figure out what I want to do with myself after graduation
    --try to get something published...if only in a university publication
    --sing in public at elast one...if only kareoke (spelling?)

    --be more compassionate of myself and of others
    --work on self-esteem
    --stay more connected with my family
  • Well... yes... I do think about more than just my weight (which is all I mentioned in my post above)

    I want to get a job
    I want to survive my wedding (and the planning)
    I want to be happier with myself
    I want to knit a lace stole