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Default Stuck in a rut

Well, I have been trying to lose weight and it seems
my weight loss has come to a screeching halt.

Does anyone have any tips to losing weight that they
could share with me? I would really appreciate it!

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What worked for me was planning - planning, planning planning.
  • Menu planning on Suday, building my grocery list around what I was planning for dinners/lunches/snacks - buying ONLY what was on my list.
  • Making lunches on Sunday night, packing them up so they were ready to grab out of the frig every morning.
  • Using Fitday in advance to make sure I was getting the right number of calories every day - not too much and not too little either! (and enough protein and healthy fat). If the numbers weren't right, making adjustments
  • Always being prepared with a healthy meal/snack - never getting so hungry that I made bad food decisions.
  • No drinking calories
  • Eating whole foods - avoiding packaged/processed foods
  • Making sure I got enough vegetables/fruit every day
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I had the hardest time losing weight until i started exercising. A friend talked me into joining a gym. I thought I would never go, but the support I got there kept me going. I was so scared when I first went because I was the fat girl there, but I came to realize that is what the gym is for, to turn unhealthy people into healthy people. They also had a nutritionist there that I could talk to when I needed to.
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What have you been doing to lose weight and how long has your weight loss been stalled?

For me it's been just a matter of making sure I burn more calories than I eat. This means knowing how many calories I am eating, writing down everything I eat, limiting my calories, and planning all my meals and snacks in advance to stay within that limit.

Weightloss is not always a smooth, steady process. There will likely be weeks, possibly even months where you don't lose weight. This doesn't mean you are doing anything wrong however, that's just the way it works. It's a good idea to have another way to measure your progress, such as taking your measurements once a month.
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Thanks for your advice guys!

As for what I have been doing - I have been doing cardio and
lifting weights at the gym. I haven't lost anything for about a month.
I know it might be muscle keeping me from losing but the
program I'm on is supposed to make your gain muscle but because
you are doing cardio as well, it makes you lose fat pounds as well.
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It's always a bad sign when I read a post several times and then think of something I want to say. If you hang around for a while Kristy, you'll get used to me

It is my humble opinion that muscle is made in the kitchen and built in the gym. If you are eating right and doing that fitness program ... the weight loss will come. If you have journals to check back on (and you should) take a few minutes to reassess everything you've been doing. We'll help.

I'm not very good at remembering that patience is a virtue.
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Patience IS a virtue.

If you're doing well in the exercise dept then you have to look at what you're eating. You can exercise until the cows come home, but if you eat enough to maintain your weight you won't lose!

So, what is your eating like? Are you sure you're eating the amount you think you're eating?

Then, of course, we must remember that weight loss IS NOT LINEAR. Much as we would like it to be. Not to mention the scale is a poor tool to measure FAT loss, as it measures all of us: fat, bone, muscle, water.... you could have lost a pound of fat and be retaining a pound of water and you won't know it. The scale looks the same.

So, patience is a virtue.
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Is too long. I sum up.
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Completely off-topic: wyllenn, in your picture you look so much like my sister that I just want to hug you.

Back on-topic: Softykins, I think the best thing for you to do right now is to start journaling like suggested above. Information is the best weapon in this war.

Patience definitely is a virtue, one that I think we all struggle to maintain!

Best wishes.

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Never want to go back!
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Hi Kristy! Well done on the exercise and the 31 pounds lost! Just think of how much happier your body is for you having done both of those things. As for the stall on the scale, what kinds of things do you eat? How many calories? Do you take measurements of your body? You could be losing inches and not see that on the scale...
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