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Unhappy I just need to rant a bit...

Got on the scales today for my weekly weigh in and I am UP half a pound. Now, I know that half a pound isn't that much, but a gain? I sacrificed all week so that I could have Thanksgiving, counted it, stayed on plan at the end of the week. What was the point if I'm just going to gain anyway? GRRRRRRRRRR. I am so upset right now. I have been doing this for months and the only other week I have had a gain was when I was in Florida eating the all-you-can-eat seafood buffet against my better judgement! I only gained a half a pound that week! I'm trying to explain it off as "well, you did ovulate this week, you don't lose a lot when that happens" ....BUT A GAIN????? Sorry, I just needed a place to rant and rave before I go cook for the huge dinner we are having with my parents today (we had Thanksgiving at the nursing home with my grandma and my dad wants a home dinner too). At this point I just want to stay home and have a Lean Cuisine. I had a hellacious (is that a word?) week at work, could it be stress? My food journal really looks no different from any other week, I looked. So instead of hitting my 60 pound loss like I was so excited to do, I'm stuck at 59 pounds I really wanted to hit that mark this week. Ok, rant off, time to cook...thanks for listening.
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Don't give up!! I know how you feel and it isn't fun. The last time this happened to me though, I lost a few extra pounds than usual the following week.
Sometimes it takes a little longer to show up on the scale but don't let it get you down. The benefits of your hard work will show soon. Hang in there and give yourself a pat on the back for doing so well on Thanksgiving. That is a huge accomplishment! Good for you for sticking to it!!
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Maybe you are just a little bloated? I swell up like a blowfish every time I eat salt.

Ya know, I love having the Thanksgiving feast with the family every year, but I hate it when you are expected to eat it 2 or 3 times in a year to make other family members happy or at work or something. We had a Thanksgiving at work that had way more sweets than my family ever makes and that was a really hard day for me. It was last week so I had to deal with Thanksgiving anxiety two weeks in a row.

And most of the people in my office really didn't need that extra feast, if you know what I mean
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Awww sweeite I know it can be frustrating! Don't give up! Make sure you are getting plenty of water!!
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Scales are evil When I first started coming here I couldn't understand what everyone meant about "the numbers aren't that important" and "scales are evil".........I had seen several people post that and I finally found out what they meant. I lost the first 15lbs right away with no problems and even though I hadn't changed anything, I wasn't losing anymore. I tweaked this and that and still no results. So I finally started taking my measurements and WOW what a difference!!! In the 3 months that I've barely lost anything according to the scales, I've lost 8 and 1/4 inches off my body!!!!!!
And a pound isn't that much! You've lost 59 so far, you are doing great!!!!
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Don't give up!!! Two weeks ago I gained 2 and a half pounds even with exercise and diet. Frustrated, but i kept going.

I did some research on water intake (your body holds it if you don't drink it because it thinks you are going to thirst to death) and made sure I had the proper calorie intake and reluctantly, I continued the exercise and "walla" I lost the next week.

This week I feel fat but thank God I took the scale out of the house and I can only rely on what I look like in the mirror. I asked my son if he could see a difference and he said "yes, you look like you lost in the waist." That made me feel good and I can see it too.

I hate that scale and I only weight in once a week at the most, because it depresses me and makes me relapse to old ways if I don't see results. Keep on truckin!!
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2 wheels is plenty :D
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Hang in there - 59.5 pounds gone says you are doing everything right. Our bodies are just funny sometimes at giving up the weight on schedule. I bet the extra stress does have something to do with it.

on staying OP!
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Thanks for all of the kind words and support. I really think sometimes if I only had the people in my everyday life for support I never would stay on track. It is always you chicks that have the voices of reason. Yesterday was a bad day, I had a chip on my shoulder and ate whatever I wanted. Back to the plan today and no more bad attitude (maybe I am PMSing?) Thank you all again for all of the words of encouragement, I really needed them.
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