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Eating for two!
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Default Planning for Thursday, Nov. 16

Yesterday finished well...I added some corn to dinner (in addition to the broccoli) and a glass of milk to help with the protein, so I ended up at about 1440 calories and 97g protein for the day, plus I actually went out for my 30 minutes of walking after work.

As for today, I already did my early-morning WATP DVD, and here's the food plan:
  • 2 slices toast w/macadamia nut butter
  • skim milk
  • applesauce
  • yogurt
  • red pepper and tomato soup w/ croutons
  • Healthy Choice meal - sesame chicken
  • apple
  • chicken breast and broccoli w/ginger peanut sauce
  • fudgesicle
That all comes to about 1410 calories and 106g protein.
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Good morning!
It's cardio day and it's raining. I may have to think on that a bit. I think I heard it was going to warm up and stop raining this afternoon.
Cranberry with psyllium.
Raspberries ready for my shake.
Cottage cheese and/or turkey slices right on through because I'm making meatloaf for my men for supper.
An apple, salad and a protein pancake ... oh I have left over cauliflower too.
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Yesterday came out to just under 1600 calories- more than I should've eaten. Well, it's another day. I am aiming for 1400 calories today with 45 minutes of treadmill walking.

B- Oatmeal
L- Lean Cuisine Veggie Eggroll (yum yum!) with sugar free jello
S- Banana w/ small amount of peanut butter
D- Dinner always gets me. I have a hard time- but probably some nice baked chicken breast, a little bbq sauce, and veggies like broccoli or green beans.
S- Not sure, but I think I may have two slices of cinnamon toast, or vanilla wafers and milk.

Good Luck everyone
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Yesterday ended badly for me, it was buffet night at my favourite mexican place and well enough said about that the better! I did only get one plate though .

Today is a new day. Cardio day for me which meant 30 mins interval training on the treadmill then 30 mins ellipitical work.

Breakfast - steel cut oats w/walnuts, prunes, coffee

Snack - flatbread with fat free cottage cheese

Lunch - 4oz rotisserie chicken breast, roasted veg soup, maybe strawberries if I have room

Snack - banana

Dinner - tonight I will have yesterday's planned meal of 4oz salmon filet with lemon and dill, oven fried sweet potatoes, broccoli

Water - 2 liters+
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Here we go again...
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I'm doing better!

B - 1 apple
1 cup grapes
1 cup skim milk

S - Banana

L - 1/4 cup brown rice + roasted okra and onions
1 8 oz container plain ff yogie
Maybe 1 slice of pizza?

D - 1/4 cup white rice
roasted peppers and potatoes
1 8 oz container plain ff yogie

S - Maybe a chinese veggie bun or two.

Exercise: 4 mile walk - DONE!
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B- ice tea protien juice; toast with boiled egg and maybe some cheese
S- coffee/tea and an apple (if they havent gone bad!) and peanut butter
L- thinking a sandwitch (bread, turkey breast, some hot pepper relish, cheese maybe....); with a cup of soup... pickles? and a source desser yogurt (sooo good)
S- thinsations? dunno
D- no clue
W- 4-5L
W- already did 1 hour on my e. bike
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Well today is my Friday here at work since I am taking the day off tomorrow! Yeah me!!!!

B: 6oz low carb/low cal yogurt (80cal), 1 med apple (80cal), 6 almonds (35cal)

L: 3oz tuna (90cal), mixed veggies w. light parm cheese (150cal)

S: baby carrots w. 2T light hummus (100cal)

D: lean cuisine pizza (290cal), leftover spagetti squash w. spray butter, mushrooms (50cal)

S: f.f cottage cheese, pumpkin w. splenda (150cal)

Workout: 1hr kickboxing class tonight

P.S- I must confess I am so excited today! When I was getting ready this morning for work I was trying to find pants to wear. Well there was a bag in the closet and I took a look inside wondering what I forgot to return. Well it was a pair of pants I had purchased 2-3 months ago. They were really, really, really tight so I threw them back in the bag to return them. Well I thought to myself this morning- "I'm on my period and bloated so I shouldn't even think about trying these suckers on but"... To my amazement they actually fit!!!!! I can't believe it! They are still a little tight in the thighs but they are VERY loose around the waist. If I can remember correctly I couldn't even button them b/c they were too tight in the thighs!!! I am so excited!!!!! I just felt the need to share! Thanks everyone for all the support!
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B: Apple, Energy Drink
L: Sushi
S: Don't know yet
D: Baked Salmon and a little rice
S: Pita with pb and honey

Water: 3+ liters
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He77 in a hand basket. Is that descriptive enough? And in the basket I had beer, pretzels, peanutbutter and potato chips with me.
Almost 2000 calories!
Do over?
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It's a new day Susan .

I stuck pretty much to plan yesterday, didn't eat my salmon though because I undercooked it and daren't put it back in the oven cause after I took it out I got sidetracked by something and it had rested at room temp for at least 5 mins. The broccoli and sweet potato fries filled me up though.
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