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Little Miss Random
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Default Disheartened

I have ran 7 days in a row, for 70 minutes, racing my heart out to find out today when I got on the scales that I havent lost nothing, not even a measley pound!

Ive even no crap this week either - all my days have been perfect!

It is so disheartening, especially when I have been working my socks off. I think maybe I should introduce a different form of exercise into my routine, maybe skipping or maybe swimming or kickboxing.

What do you people recommend I do?
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loopy... Boy, I'm sorry to hear that you're at a stand still. I'm new at this dieting business so I'm not sure what you should do or why you might even notsee results from all of your hard work! I do know that sometimes it takes awhile for weight loss to show and sometimes our joints and muscles and tissues can retain water due to many things including inflamation from over workouts? Anyway, don't know what diet you're doing and all that but hang in there and most likely you'll see that weight loss soon.
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Little Miss Random
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I think maybe I should start weights. Am going to cardio three days a week weights three days a week and take the last day off i think.
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dum dee dum
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You're doing great! I'd love to have your energy , I can only take 3-4 days of cardio now, for about 30-60 mins. Oh I'd love to do 70 but I just can't take that much
And you're nearing goal! That's fantastic! Congrats on losing the 42 lbs
And yes, try switching to different excercises. Sometimes the body is too comfortable with excercises that you do over and over.
Also, don't forget that it's known to be harder to lose weight when nearing goal (I'm not sure why, hopefully someone will explain it to me though ) I'm sure you have been to the Fitness board, they have a lot of helpful threads on similar problems.
Good luck, you will lose soon enough!
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I AM healthy!
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Well I am not sure but doesn't it take 1-2 weeks to see results from something new? I also know that when I increase my walking even double, I don't see the results right away. You may be gaining some muscle. I always take pics every few weeks. That really helped me when I started walking alot again in May and June, I had gained 2.5 pounds and was disheartened til I looked at the pics from a few weeks before and the newer pics and realized how sleek I looked. I had been losing fat, not pounds and I could really see it in my face and tummy!!! The weight started coming off the next month.

This is what I had posted in my challenge thread:

April 1: I had originally gotten down to 250 the few months before in december but wound up pg and trying to prevent a misc. cause of the iud moving around, so I quit my walking for a few months , I know I lost alot of muscle and only gained 2 pounds, so I was 252. But I was flabby. You know the drill.

April 24 :I decided to start walking again and did 220 minutes that month. I was 247 on the scale 2 days after I misc.

May 1: Walked 760 minutes this month
I was 244(SO supposedly down 3 pounds)

June 1: Walked 1060 minutes this month
I was 242.5(Was down 1.5 pounds)

July 1: Walked 1730 minutes this month
I was 247(I was up 4.5 pounds! I was really getting frustrated and really felt like giving up but reminded myself that this is not about weight but about being healthy and that if I never lost another pound I would get my butt out of bed and go for a walk every single day to protect my heart! Cause I was trying hard and here I was gaining, but I looked at pics from June and pics in July and realized I was slimming down even if it wasn't on the scale and that I was rebuilding the muscle that I had lost due to inactivity for so many months. SO this is the month when I really kicked it up with the walking.)

August 1: Walked 1185 minutes this month(It was really hot on Ca that month so it was torture just going!)
I was 238.5(so I lost 8.5 pounds in July!)

September 1: Walked 1695 minutes this month
I was 236(August 28 I was 238.5!!!; So I lost only 2.5 pounds that month!!)

October 1: Walked 2080 minutes this month
I was 228.5(The previous month was when I forced myself to buckle down and recommit to no pizza and a ton more walking and watch my portions and try to count cals. So I lost 7.5 pounds!)

November 1 : 955 minutes so far!
I was 219(So I lost 9.5 pounds!!! The previous month was when I discovered 3fc and started the halloween challenge and found the womens health calculator which really helped me to know how many cals I should be eating! It has made such a difference!!)

Keep up what you are doing and if nothing else it will protect your heart. Make sure you are getting enough calories too.
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You're doing great! But a week really isn't very much time! Weight loss is not linear! Not to mention the scale is a poor tool of FAT loss. For all you know you DID lose a pound of fat this week but are retaining a pound of water! The scale will mask that fat loss! Just keep doing what you're doing!
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a brave new me...
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Be patient! I know in the past when I have started vigorously exercising the scale came to a standstill for what seemed an eternity but by the end of the month my weight had dropped. What everyone has posted is true... your body is adjusting to the work outs and has to tend to changing muscles, joints, fat cells, hormore adjustments, inflammation, soreness, etc. Have a long term vision for this and focus on your montly losses. It will all come out (off!) in the end. You are doing great and the scale will catch up and you will be stronger, healthier, and leaner!
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You know that happened to me too. I had to change my routine. My body needed a rest. When I started to run 4 days on and one off, I noticed I would lose a half a pound every 2 days. Also, water. Lots of water to drink.

You are doing so great. It does take time for your body to adjust. Give it 4 to 6 weeks. You are doing great!!!
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Little Miss Random
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I have decided to introduce a vigorous weight workout into my routine. Focusing on my legs and abs..
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I agree with you: add some weight training. I think you may be running off your muscle and slowing your metabolism. Adding resistance training to your exercise program will ensure that you are burning fat, not muscle. Don't just add more cardio time! You need that muscle to keep your metabolism burning, to keep your bones strong, and to look good once the fat is gone

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Less is more.
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I feel your pain. I worked my butt off but no weight came off for almost 5 months. @[email protected] it sucked, it made me want to quit every time I weighed myself.
It's only one week. it takes the body a while to balance itself and let it let go of the weight. Keep up the good work. I bet by the end of next week you'll see something.

I agree with starting on the weights. it'll boost you metabolism but remember that you'll gain a bit of mass so don't dispare if the scale shows no weight change or even weight gain. Just keep it up.
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You are doing great .
It is so easy to get discouraged but when I started walking I didn't see any difference for 2 weeks . I still find it comes off 2 or 3 pounds all at once for some reason . Don't worry and keep moving . You are an inspiration :]
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