My battle against PEANUT BUTTER begins...Episode 1!

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  • Some of you may have read my previous post (yesterday) regarding my recent "unintentional" increase in my peanut butter intake. I've decided that it may help to be accountable here. Today I have decided to stop the extra peanut butter intake...a slight challenge because I eat it daily. I will eat only enough to put on my sandwich and no more!

    Today is my first day, and I'm about to go make my sandwich! I will not over-consume!!! This I pledge!

    I hope to update this as my battle continues. I was doing just fine until a couple weeks ago when things started to get a little out of control!

    Others may feel free to post here, too!

    Here's a link to my previous post (for details and background about my peanut butter problem)!
  • I understand. I never ate peanut butter until I started Nutrisystem a while back.

    You get to use peanut butter as a legal fat serving and even though I'm not doing Nutrisystem anymore I still follow the guidelines somewhat.

    I discovered I LOVE peanut butter and I too went completely out of control.

    I still have a problem because I don't bring anything into my home that is not a part of my eating plan, no junk food.

    So...the peanut butter calls me.

  • Oh girl I feel your pain! I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some peanut butter! I could just grab a spoon, sit in front of the TV and eat 3/4 of the entire jar! I would be sick but I couldn't stop myself.

    In light of my unabashed gourging on my beloved p.b I am not able to have any in my house. This also goes for nuts, cereal, cookies, and other assorted food that I know are my trigger foods that cause me to loose control. I sincerely wish you the best of luck on your taming of the peanut butter demon !!!
  • Peanut butter is too expensive for me to eat every day. My fat percentages for the day almost always get out of whack when I have peanut butter and anything else remotely fatty in the same day, and the protein level is not adequate for the cost, in my opinion.

    So, I don't eat it much.

    Switch to organic unsweetened peanut butter, if you want it to be less tempting as well as better for you.
  • I did it!!!! I didn't eat any extra peanut butter!!!! Thanks for the support--spoken and unspoken. We'll see how tomorrow goes, but I'm aiming for success. I couldn't have done it without needing to be accountable here!!!

    BTW, I do eat only natural peanut butter (Smucker's natural). I have some Jif that's been in my cupboard for 5 months, but I wouldn't even want to go back to eating that after tasting the superior deliciousness of the natural stuff for the last few months. I wrote that and other details of my story in my previous post...I'll see if I can create a link and attach it to this or my first post in this thread!
  • Quote: Switch to organic unsweetened peanut butter, if you want it to be less tempting as well as better for you.
    I eat organic unsweetened peanut butter (the only ingredients are peanuts and salt) and I sure don't find it to be any less tempting. I crave that stuff.

    Maybe we need to start a peanut butter-aholics anonymous! Hi, my name is Barb and I'm addicted to peanut butter!
  • Me too!!! I'm addicted like crazy to PB but I haven't eaten any (on purpose) for months on end now. Don't keep it in the house at all. Seems to cure my craving.

    While we're on the subject of recent addictions, I think I'm going back to my bad habit of eating food from the vending machine. I always get a bag of cheetos and it's been getting on my nerves lately how out of control I am. I've also been getting hungrier and I don't think it's just the cold. Has anyone started to lose sight of the big picture and give in to bad habits? Help me please...
  • Count me in for the PBAA (peanut butter-aholics anonymous)
  • Sunnigummi: Maybe you can do the same thing that I have done with peanut butter here. Write about your success of not eating cheetos each day! When I ate my peanut butter/fruit spread/banana sandwich today, I knew I couldn't go back to the jar and overindulge because I really wanted to be able to write here that I succeeded.

    I've realized that my eating the extra peanut butter had developed into a habit (eating just because it's there) and a routine. I didn't need it because I was hungry...In fact I had just eaten, so I was fully satisfied!

    I'm going to keep writing here each day until this isn't a problem anymore. I don't think I can overeat the peanut butter because it's almost like you guys are keeping an eye on me! I think this is going to work!
  • Great job Tara! I am a believer that once we get our brains and emotions straightened out that we all can enjoy any food in moderation. Whenever we have trigger foods or binges there are any number of underlying reasons why we just don't say no. It sounds like yours is simply a bad habit and not a difficult emotional one. Keep posting... you are in control of your eating and the choices you make! Just say no to the extra peanut butter!
  • I LOVE reduced-fat Skippy creamy peanut butter. I could literally eat an entire jar in a day with a spoon.

    When I switched to natural peanut butter, I didn't like how sticky it was in comparison to the super-processed stuff I had been eating, but what further lead me away from my addiction was getting the NO SALT natural peanut butter. The ONLY ingredient in my peanut butter is: peanuts. I don't care for it plain, but it still tastes great on sandwiches, so it is still in my life in appropriate amounts, and I no longer eat it right out of the jar.

    You're going to think I am insane, but I have another idea as well--buy 5-10 tiny plastic containers and put 2 T of peanut butter in each one at the beginning of the week (I do all of my food prep for the whole week on Sunday). When you need it, grab 1 container instead of the whole jar. Since I read that you only use 1-1.25 T on a sandwich, then that even still leaves you a little to lick off the knife without going over 1 serving.
  • Sunnigummi: Just wanted to clarify that if you want, you can write about your battle with CHEETOS here! We can support each other! Others with "addictions" they're ready to break are welcome, too! They don't have to be peanut butter!
  • WTG Tara, I'm definitely with you on this one. I am going to quit eating the PB from a spoon. If I have any it will be 1TBSP on my wheat bread. I am now setting my goal to allow for this PB sandwich only twice a week. I was having a real problem with it too.
  • Thanks Lilybelle. I think this process will serve as a lesson for me for other foods as well. I have decided for sure that I want to have peanut butter every day for lunch, but the key is to eat only as much as I need. The fact that I'm keeping it in my diet makes the temptation to eat it a bigger beast, but now I believe (with everyone's help) that I can beat it without completely removing PB from my life. There are a lot of foods that I don't allow in my house because of "trigger food" issues. If I can beat this habit, I will feel very empowered! Good luck to you, too! We can do it!

    Jillybean: I agree that it would probably be an easier habit to beat if I got the No Salt version; unfortunately, I really like this one, so I'm going to try to defeat the beast even with my favorite brand!
  • I should stay out of this thread. After reading all that peanut butter talk yesterday, I rushed madly around Walmart looking for wasa crackers (which they apparently no longer carry) for a pbj cracker. It's just not the same without the wasa.