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Failure is not an OPTION!
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So this summer I tried absolutely everying from Low Carbs to NO carbs then to HIGH PROTEIN, tried organic ,Then Counting Cals, Then Straight up no eating and guess what I lost and then gained and then I lost agian and then Gained agian. A repeating cycle of absolutley nothing. Constantly, looking for the quick fix diet and believing that I would stick to these IMPOSSIBLE!!! lifestyle changes. Till recently I joined a gym and got a Job which I hate (I had just graduated from college and was in employed at LAZY Inc located at my House, where i watched tv, uh taebo every now and then and treadmilled when i felt like it). Well, as of septemeber 18th I was 276, basically at start, around the same weight I was in May when I started this whole "change". Today, I am 258 (yippie) and I owe it all to just Working out. I look smaller about 230 because I lost inches too. I mean I eat absolutely everything (uh I totally binged last week I think i tried out every fast food chain: popeyes, pizza hut, wendy's, burger king and felt horrible but FREE NOW because i do not feen for it anymore) I could have weighed less if I was bit more serious in my eating. Got to excited in my weight loss and my job location was not helping. My secrete to my weight lost almost 20 pounds (will be by the end of the week). Was EXERCISING LIKE CRAZY!!!!!! and portion control. I do Cardio/Weight Lifting to 1/1 ratio and its working. I dont know how long it will work until i hit my plateau but for now " If its not broke why fix it" i will stick to it. WISH ME LUCK. Trying to lose another 30 by Thanksgiving ....uhhh and I think I am going to quit the binging an extra 30 minutes on treadmill for one Panera Bread "Cobblestone Muffin" is not worth it. Its funny, I can say no to "Cinabon" because I know its entirely to fattening but I fool myself with all this other crapola. Well Nighty All

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I AM healthy!
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That is great! You are doing awesome! I was similiar with being able to still eat bad some of the time and walk alot and still lose. Once I hit 236 though I had to change. WHat is important in long term sucess is to make life style changes. I stick to 1600-1800 most days. I walk 60 minutes a day. I eat alot of fruit and vegis and chicken and rice, plus my slimfast. I limit red meat and potatos to twice a week or so, still have my day out for lunch to eat whatever.

I would recommend this for you:

Womens Nutrition Health Guide

It's a real eye opener, its all a numbers game.
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Hey, I stopped dieting altogether. I was planning all of my meals, exercise schedules, ect. It wasn't working. I was stressing and binging. Now I just eat when I'm hungry, make good choices, and do fun things that get my heart pumping.

I've lost 18 lbs so far.
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Workin' My *** Off!
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Wow that's great to read!!! I wish it was that easy for me! I wish you continued success!
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Good to see you back, love!
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When I read your title, love1384, I thought, "We could use you at the Intuitive Eating thread." It's Intuitive Eating #2 now and we'd love to have your input. You to,Amber Kay. Also, How do you get the verse at the end of your post?
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CAROL: Go to the CP, or control panel. Find the signature section. You can put in a custom signature that will be there on all your posts.
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Red face

I think that is great! I need to do something because "dieting" obviously isn't working for me and its just throwing me back into a depression.

I think a big part of my problem is my job too, but I don't know what to do about it since I have a spinal injury so I can't sit or stand for a long time so my job I have now is totally perfect because I can sit or stand whenever I need too. We can't use the stairs at my building (don't ask me why, because I don't know! lol) so I can't use the stairs. I could park farther away but I work nightshift and get off at 4 AM when its still dark.

I joined the YMCA in my area, but due to me working nights I hardly go and when I do go I have a killer hard time working out. I can do the WATP DVD but I just need to get into the habit of doing it every day, regardless of how I feel or what is going on.

I also eat out way too much and its like an addiction! I need to start bringing my "lunch" to work and quit eating out all the time! That is my major downfall!

Wow I feel like I'm in a confessional here. lol. Sorry to have rambled on. But I'm very happy that you have changed your life for the better, keep up the good work!

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