How often do you take measurements?

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  • Every 2 months, bi-monthly, is way too far apart for me personally. Once a week doesn't show enough movement for me. I can't remember to do it semi-monthly. Once a month works well and as posters said above, it is very important to measure in the exact same spots and to the same "tautness" of the tape measure. It's so easy to pull it a tad snugger and call it an inch lost when it's really 1/2.
  • I use ribbons, cut to my starting size, without numbers. That way I can see my progress without having the pressure of numbers. I find it much more encouraging.
  • Thanks everyone for the replies! I like the idea of the ribbon, because I hate seeing the numbers at this point

    I guess I'll try measuring at my weekly weigh-in, and if I'm not seeing a big enough difference I'll go back to bi-weekly
  • once a month....I like seeing whole inches gone
  • Every monday, my "official" weigh-in day. I almost always will see a loss in the tape even if I have a gain in the scale. It helps keep me going.