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Default I am a success, or failure? Definitely fickle!

The weight loss has slowed since school started back up. This is a little frustrating, but sort of what I expected now that I spend so much time at a desk in class, doing homework, and lots of time commuting.

Now that the scale is more slow, it is harder to believe in myself. I am really staying on track with my eating for the most part. Basically, I feel like I'm about 4 months into this, and the honeymoon is over.

One day I feel SO proud of myself, and I can be so excited about the hot strapless dress I bought a year ago that didn't fit, and that I can now zip. The next minute I'm upset with myself that it is still too tight to actually wear out.

One day I can look at my weight loss, and think that I am practically a third of the way there! The next I realize I am not at all where I wanted to be by this time.

I haven't exactly sabotaged myself, but I'm scared I may in the future. Let's call this preventative maintenance. I hate that I am letting this negativity slip in. Ideas to help keep me thinking positive? Does anyone else have this?
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I am right with you here!! I have lost almost 50 pounds since the last week of April. The last month or so my weight loss had just basically leveled off since I went back to work. My eating habits haven't changed. I think I am running into my ages old problem. My body likes to be where it is right now. Before I got pregnant with my last 2 children I would always get to the size I am now. Sure I could lose weight, but almost always it would return and I would be in the 140 to 150 range. It doesn't seem to matter what I do....this is where my body spends most of its time!!! I know that if I keep it up I will eventually see the scale move down, but at the same time, if I am not vigilant about what I eat.....the scale will slowly creep back up until I am where I am now. I am the point where I wonder if maybe I should just go into maintaining where I am and not worry about being thin, LOL I've never been able to maintain thin.
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I can relate.. I've been going through a similar thing myself. The ladies on here have really inspired me and continue to do so. You know what really helps motivate me though is the "goal" and "mini goal" posts and pictures. All I have to do is go look at those and I feel like, if they can do it so can I. Also I try to get back to the mindset that I was at when I started this journey. I'm only starting to pull myself out of a mini slump so I don't know if that's helpful but wanted you to know you are not alone
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I think you're a success as long as you don't give up and give in!

Stay with your program!

If your activity level has dropped, you'll probably need to lower your calorie intake accordingly.

I've been having a terrible time with this dilemma--I have a sedentary job where I sit all day. But I have finally had to realize that I am just not ever going to be able to average much more than about 1500 calories a day to maintain my weight, and it's got to be less than that to lose.

I found FitDay really helpful for tracking calories, but I don't believe their numbers for base calories burned. I just set it for sedentary all day, and add in whatever exercise I do (I walk every morning for a mile or two, and I go to the YMCA 5 or 6 days a week also--for the exercise machines and weight machines).

I decided to have a Whopper for lunch last week. Single, no cheese. Came to find out from their website that it was 670 calories!!!!!! Wow, that really cut into my daily allotment! I made it through, but it was a sad evening with no snack at all. So, these are the kinds of choices. There is no ignoring it.

Ladies, let's do what we have to do!

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I have days like this too. Sometimes I am super happy with where I'm at and sometimes I think I should have driven myself a little harder. A "reach for the stars" type of thing.
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