Small goal by Aug. 20th. Anyone with me?

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  • Ok, I have completely leveled off my weight loss. The past two or three months I haven't really gained or lost anything of consequence. I need to start all over again (this is the third or forth post where I have promised to remotivate). I want to lose another ten pounds by the time I come back from my vacation from work on August 20th. The real motivation behind this is kind of dastardly but the reason I will be giving the rest of the world is some jeans I bought at a garage sale. I want to be able to fit in them without looking like a sausage.

    Anyone wanna help keep me accountable by joining me in this mini challenge?
  • August 20th is only 3 weeks away and 10lbs sounds, to me anyway, a tough goal to set. It sounds like you have been in a bit of a plateau which I can sympathise with because I haven't lost or gained anything of significance in the past two months.

    I'll do a challenge but I'd like to set my goal to be more realistic. I'll aim to drop 3 lbs by August 20th. I weight on Monday's so I'll weigh in on August 21st and hopefully I'll have broken this plateau and be under 170 lbs!
  • Hey - I'll join you. My goal for Aug 20th is 138. Right now I'm 147.5, so I need to lose 9.5 pounds.
  • I am so down for this....I am going to try to be 125 by Aug 20...
  • Thanks you guys! I need all the support I can get.
  • Checking in...1.5# down and 8 to go for this challenge. 19 days left.
  • I agree that 10 pounds in just under 3 weeks is a pretty unreasonable goal. The only people who tend to lose that quickly (healthfully) are those who are starting out at very high weights...and then that slowly comes down to the normal 1/2-2 pounds per week that is recommended.

    Your aim is slightly over 3 pounds per week...which is a REALLY big stretch. A much more reasonable, and attainable goal, would be 5 pounds in that 3 weeks time period-averaging 1 1/2-2 pounds per week.
  • I don't need to lose any lbs but I'll be here too.. I just want to maintain my diet until the 20th (meaning, no serious pigging out sessions and 1000 calorie burgers!) and hope that I'll eat this healthy for the rest of my life .
  • I'll join, but I am only aiming for 5 pounds in this time frame. My weight loss is not as fast anymore but still going down. Good luck to us all.
  • I'll join. I'll aim for 5 pounds (239.5 ---> 234.5)
  • Ok, I know ten pounds seems like a lot. But whenever I start a new "program" the weight seems to fall off pretty quickly at first. I haven't been watching what I eat or excercising much at all in the last few months so this is really like a new beginning. When I originally started this weight loss endeavor in February I lost 12 lbs in the first three weeks, mostly water I am sure but I'll take it. If I don't make the ten pound goal, I won't be devastated, but I will be if I make no progress at all.

    As a side note, as an experiment, I weighed myself fully clothed before my workout and then again after 45 minutes on the treadmill and it was down about a 1/2 a lb. Must of been all the sweat. 94 degrees already and it was only 9:30am.
  • I'll join in! I'd like to be down 5 pounds by the 20th!
  • WooHoo for me. Three days in a row at the gym! My husband isn't working right now so I am taking advantage of the time to go to the gym. Maybe it's only 45 minutes on a treadmill but for me, the couch (computer) potato, this is huge!!
  • I'll join in.. I'd like to be 5lbs lighter by the 20th. If I loose more, even better
  • Checking in, stayed the same weight today. Hopefully I'll be down some tomorrrow.