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  • Some of you probably already know this, but for those of you that don't, listen up... Do NOT drink icy water after jogging or any other strainuous exercise especially in hot weather. It was on the news in my area (Georgia) that someone did that and he had a heart attack that killed him. The cold water shocked his heart and killed him immedeatly. So after exercise or working outdoors drink cool water not icy.
  • Yeah that is scary. I can't count as many times I have drank freezing water after harsh activities, but gladly it didn't affect me. But now i'm very careful on how I drink water.
  • Wow, really?! I had NO idea! Thanks for the warning.
  • Thank you so much for the warning. I had no idea, either. Scary!
  • I am always hesitant when I hear things like this...no one know what his condition was before he started running do they?...was he over weight and this was his first run??? did he have an unknown heart condition?
  • I'm hesitant when I hear things like this too. I don't know anything about this particular situation, but if I was a real concern for the general population I would think it would be more "out there" and discussed.

    We often here about two events that are close together in time and assume that one causes the other, but in reality it's very difficult to establish causality.
  • Wow, I've never heard of this. I looked around a bit online and don't see anything addressing a correlation between the two or disproving one. You'd think it would be more publicized. I'm anxious to see if anyone has links to more info about it.
  • I found a little more info:
    Ask the Tufts Experts

    In a newsgroup posting, I read the following. I do not know the poster and can't vouch for her profession or expertise:

    As I've stated before, the esophagus in humans and animals (mammals) runs directly behind the heart. If the animal (be it human or cat) has been exercising, is hot, has health problems related to their heart or is just generally not well, running cold water (around 3-4 degrees celcius) next to a muscle which HAS to work at 37 degrees celcius, which is probably hotter due to heat, can cause the muscle to shut down. Seeing as how I can't think of any animal that can live when it's heart isn't beating, I think that would be a good reason not to make the heart stop beating.

    As for benefits of ice cold water in humans; studies have shown that water between 10-15 degrees (a little warmer than your fridge) is absorbed much faster into the body than both colder water (ice cold or from fridge) and warmer water (as in coffee or other hot drinks).
  • Eeee... Holy cow!

    Luckily I keep my Brita water on the counter and drink it mostly room temp, or with 1-2 ice cubes melted in... but then I'm a wuss with "sensitive" teeth caused by bad brushing technique (Up and down, never back and forth, hehehe!) and ice cold water is like getting my teeth scraped
  • Whether this person had a heart condition or not, I'm NOT chancing it. Thanks for sharing Butterfly Dreams. Better to be safe than sorry
  • My dad talked to me about this. He said it also causes stomach cramps. I've hand many of those from having ice water right after working out in the heat. (arizona heat even @[email protected])
  • I guess I wonder just how common it is. I mean, do more people die in car accidents every year than die from drinking cold water after running? But just because people die in car crashes doesn't stop me from driving my car, because even that's a rare event. Most everything can kill you, right?
  • water warning
    In highschool, our coaches for cheerleading and dance team would not let us drink ice water during or immediatly after practice due to fainting or stomach cramps. Doesn't mean you can't have ice water later?
    I've also heard though, that your body works a lot harder to warm up the ice water you drink, therfore helping in speeding up your metabolism. Anyone else hear that?
  • Whether this is a common occurance or not, the fact that it even happened once tells you that it is possible. Perhaps not probable but it is possible and so why flirt with death? Thank you butterfly for this information. Who knows how many people could have been spared the pain of this, being scared, or even death.
  • Wow, thank you for the heads up. I always put my water in the freezer an hour before the tredmill so that it is half frozen by the time I was done...Who would have thunk it...Thank you again!