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Default grazing and long term success?

The method that helped me lose weight and not have to cut calories so drastically was grazing. I'm trying to maintain now and I'm still grazing for the most part. What I mean is, every 2-3 hours I will eat something that has a couple hundred calories approximately, then at supper time, I eat a bit more at once but don't overdo it b/c I didn't allow myself to get too hungry in the first place. The thing is, it's not really harmonious w/regular social life. Most people eat a meal, then hours later, will eat another one and I feel like if I got another job or something, I would look like a freak eating small bites all the time LOL. The job I'm at now allows for freedom of taking lunch when I want or eating at me desk. So it's not an issue here. I guess I'm just kinda looking for encouragement that I need to do what works for ME. Like I'll have a few small sandwiches over the course of the day, along w/a piece of fruit, a yogurt, crackers and cheese etc. It works for me, b/c I'm the type who could NEVER skip a meal, and my blood sugar seems to plummet so quickly when I'm hungry and I turn into wolfwoman LOL But I'm telling you, this way of eating really works.
So what was my point in the first place? LOL I get so roundabout in my typing...
I guess I'm hoping I can always be in a situation where I can eat the way it works for ME, otherwise, I don't know what I'll do LOL
hmmmm "one day at a time"? I guess?
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You said it yourself, the bottomline of success is doing what works for YOU. I can't imagine any situation where someone would begrudge you that (I'm not talking about the occasional sabotage effort that some people must deal with).
As a matter of fact, when I started to really pay attention I realized that a lot of people DO eat the way you have described. I know plenty of people who order big meals in restaurants, or pile their plates high at parties -but they don't actually EAT that much. My sister is one of those people. At my highest weight I envied how she could eat fast food like there was no tomorrow and stay slim. Then one day she had lunch at my house and I paid attention to what she ate. She'd brought over the usual burger and fries value meal but she only ate about half the hamburger (no cheese or mayo) before she wrapped it up and put it back in the bag. And, at best, 4-5 fries passed her lips. The rest were shared with my three kids, the dog, or threw away.

Should your current situation change I bet you'll find that your way of eating is much more common than you think. It might not be obvious given the setting (a buffet, company lunch or what have you) but it isn't uncommon. In fact, you may even gain the reputation of being one of those people (like my sister) who eats all the time and never gains weight. That actually happened to me about a year ago. We had new neighbors move in across the street and our kids took to playing with each other. As she and I got to know each other she commented that if she ate as much as I did she'd be even bigger than she is (she is overweight). What she didn't realize is that I wasn't eating A LOT, I was just eating OFTEN.
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Thanks for your reply.
I think you just might be right. I actually have tried to observe people and how they really are eating.
Just today, I saw a coworker going to break and in her hand she had a cup of coffee or tea and one small cookie. Now I think she's just a naturally slim person. It was quite interesting to see that while she is enjoying that cookie, it really is just one.
I want to be one of those people
I had a friend (I say HAD b/c about a year ago, when I really started losing weight and met a new man, we split ways and she says it's b/c of one comment I made by accident, but I hardly think 20 years of friendship is worth losing over one misunderstood comment) ANYWAY this friend (and I'm not saying this to be cruel) was quite heavy and I could never understand why b/c she used to tell me that she forgot to eat lunch, didn't eat breakfast etc. Yet, she would snack on huge amounts of nuts and have ice cream for supper.
I guess the trick really is actually to EAT. Eat well, but small amounts, and often.
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I think a LOT of people who lose weight do just as you do -- "graze" -- and I have found that it is actually more of a sensible solution in daily life. I tend to eat less when I go out with others than i used to, because I know I want the space for my "snacks" later in the day. My snacks at work are usually small and portable and I think few people even notice.
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You know, it's kinda funny b/c I almost WANT them to see me eating all the time. I got this sort of paranoia from my mother who actually thought I must be purging or something and I still feel her giving me the up and down look which makes me feel badly. So I almost want people to notice me eating b/c I don't want people to think I'm trying to hurt myself even though 145 lbs is hardly "hurting" onesself compared to 230 lbs. Gee, what do you think? LOL!
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Originally Posted by lucky
What she didn't realize is that I wasn't eating A LOT, I was just eating OFTEN.
Good point and an interesting thread.
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