Why do I do this?

  • Hi everyone, I would probably be at my goal weight by now if I would change my way of thinking. I don't know why I do this. I will lose afew pounds and then think in my head "oh you are doing great!" and then I binge eat for a day and then feel bad the next day and get back on the program again. Does anybody else do this? I dont know why, I really want to get to my goal weight but its taking me longer to get there because of this.
  • I do do this i think we all probably do at some stage. It's virtually impossible to get to goal weight unless you feel good about yourself. IMO i think before overcoming overeating we must start to look at what's happening inside. I know i need to
  • Oh yes, I did this when I hit my first mini goal I was eating what ever and did not feel a bit quilty now I am back down to all of my saying before I eat. I want this weight gone and that has taken over in my mind. But yes I can understand what you are saying
  • Based on my own experiences, I used to follow that behavior before I accepted that I had to change my life forever. For me, there is no "I'm doing so well I can afford to eat what I want for a day" because I AM eating what I want, everyday. I would look at your diet plan, is it too restrictive, do you feel unsatisfied, are you not getting something that you want? I had to pick a diet plan that I could follow for my life, I had to like the foods I ate, I had to be satisfied.

    I also had to stop rewarding myself with food. If I thought I was doing well with weight loss, I gave myself non-food rewards - pedicures, expensive haircuts, massages and CLOTHES.
  • Quote: For me, there is no "I'm doing so well I can afford to eat what I want for a day" because I AM eating what I want, everyday.
    That's awesome!

    Every now and then, I find myself reverting to "old" food choices for a spell, and I don't quite enjoy them as much as I used to. When I'm in one of these spells, I try to be hyper-aware of my thoughts, feelings, etc. to see how it's different.

    I still find myself saying "OK, I've lost a little weight, now I can relax" when really, I can't.
  • I do the same thing. I've been waiting to see single digits forever and I finally saw 209. Then this week I had beer bread with tons of butter for dinner 3 nights in a row, which has no nutritional value and is full of calories! Now I'm back up 3 pounds and kicking myself. I don't know what to do about it though. I figure if I do it enough, I will eventually get so sick of going up and down..and change for good.
  • You know what, I do this a lot too. It sucks unfortunately because it keeps me 'yo-yoing' the same few pounds. I am trying really hard to undo this behavior because the time it takes to lose those binge pounds totally wrecks the effort put in to lose them!!! Make a conscious effort to stop that habit and it should turn around.
  • I totally do this. I lose a little weight, and then stop being careful about what I eat because I'm doing so well. Duh...I need to realize that the reason I was doing so well is that I was watching what I was eating!! The weird thing about me is that I actually like healthier foods better...but I'll do this weird thing where I eat unhealthy foods, even though I don't like them as much, as soon as I'm doing well with weight loss. Weird, huh? I'm still trying to figure that one out!! I generally need to get away from the using food as a reward sort of mentality...I shouldn't use eating as a reward for losing weight!!