I gained 4 lbs :(...

  • This morning like everyday I got on my scale and I was 132 lbs..I was shocked because I don't eat more than 1200-1400 calories a day and I exercise couple of days a week. And the food I eat is always either low fat/low calorie. I was ok with not losing any weight by doing this.But gaining 4 lbs??? I just want to cry and stop trying. I don't think I'm ever going to 110lbs and always have a big belly that looks bad whatever I wear. I'm just so tired because I'm trying so hard and still don't see any progress. What am I doing wrong?
  • Do you weigh yourself everyday? I would try once a week at the same time. Our bodies fluctuate so much that you may be down the 4 lbs .. could be water gain/.
  • Ok you need to weigh yourself once a week at the same time. Usually morning after you pee is best. Also maybe you just gained some muscle..it weighs more then fat. I'd give it another week before you get too disapointed.
  • I agree!! You have to remember that the water in your body fluctuates, and you have to account the weight of the food in your tummy etc... I ALWAYS weigh 3 lbs more in the evening more than I do in the morning. Today I was 209 this am and I just stepped on the scale and it said 212. In the morning it'll say 209 again, it's just how I work. Try not to panic!
  • Well I do weigh every day but I guess I think what you need to do (rather than adjust the number of times you weigh) is face the reality that our weight fluctuates and it is very normal to gain some and have ups and downs. I am in the same place... lost 4 and gained 2... but I know it is just the normal stuff since I've been keeping steady on my plan, and they will drop back off any time now and take some friends with them.