Planning for Wednesday June 7

  • Something like this:

    S- banana
    B- chocolate protien shake with skim milk; homemade blueberry muffin or two
    S- tea with skim milk and bit of honey
    S- carrots and celery
    L- small salad with romain lettuce and fat free italian dressing; baked potato with salsa
    S- watermelon
    D- fish; side kicks or something, broccoli

    Water- 6 liters
    Exercise- 60-80 min on bike
  • *edit the day did not go exactly as planned*

    I have to deliver training from 7-8:30 am which messes with my schedule!

    snack - banana Actually ate this later

    B - oatmeal from the cafeteria downstairs, dried blueberries I keep in my desk
    I woke up and decided that I wanted peanut butter toast, so I ate the toast before I left the house at 6:15

    S - I ate the banana around 9:00 when I was finished delivering training

    S - horizons organic fat free plain yogurt, 4 oz fresh blackberries

    L - big salad - spinach leaves, chicken breast, pomegranate seeds, red onions, carrots, orange pepper strips, grape tomatoes, balsalmic vinaigrette dressing
    I was out of spinach. I brought the chicken, tomatoes and baby carrots to work and planned to buy a Garden Salad from the cafeteria downstairs and just add my own toppings. All they had were chef salads So, I didn't eat a salad as planned

    L - I actually had a cup of the Mushroom Bisque soup with a wheat roll. I love the mushroom bisque soup and haven't had it in ages, so it was kind of a treat meal since there were no healthy green vegetables and I had a roll that was not "whole wheat" - but good and I don't do it often

    S - tall non fat sugar free vanilla latte

    S - 1.5 cups fresh cherries When I ordered the latte, the lady forgot to put my sugar free syrup on it. I was in a friend's office and she offered me a biscotti to dip in the coffee. So, I ate the biscotti and decided to save the fruit until tomorrow.

    S - cut up veggies (grape tomatoes, sugar snap peas, baby carrots, yellow pepper strips)

    D - Chipotle veggie bol - white rice, black beans, 2 scoops pico de gallo, red salsa, tons of romaine

    S - 1/4 cup almonds
    Since I added peanut butter toast at breakfast, I did not eat the almonds.
  • Ok I am still trying to plan..

    B-sausage biscuit
    L-soup,peaches,wheat thins
    s-snack bar
    D- god only knows....

    20mins jump rope
    I have a b-day party to go today so I hope I can stay away from the cake..
  • Planning
    B-oatmeal, 2 t sugar, 1Tb each raisins and walnuts
    L-spaghetti squash and canned tomatoes, salad
    S-blueberries, strawberries and cool whip 2Tb
    D-4oz turkey breast, baked zucchinni, corn on cob
    S- 100 cal popcorn, sf fudgesicle

    Lisa in IN
  • I've always seen this thread and wanted to try it out, so here I am.

    B-Special K, milk, banana
    L-rice, carrots, chicken breast
    S-Kashi Bar
    D-rice, lentils, carne asada (just a little piece)

    Excercise-60 min jogging/walking
    20 min. crunches/squats/resistance bands
  • Quote: I've always seen this thread and wanted to try it out, so here I am.
    I hope you like it here, this has been a HUGE help to me.