Everyone Weigh In 06/02/06

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  • We're back and mod approved in our new home here in the support forum! Everyone is welcome to join this general weigh in thread. Just jump in whenever your official weigh in day rolls around. Good luck, and thanks for all the support you've given me!

    Me: 194.5, up 3.5 pounds since the last time I did a weigh in. Ya, it's been a bad half a month. My car broke down, so I was reliant on hubby to cart me around. We never did get to the store, so I've been pretty much living off of fast food like in the bad old days. I have absolutely *no* produce in my fridge. And I don't like this. But I get my car back today, and my new way of life as well!
  • Weighing in...(1st post)
    Hi,I just joined 3fatchicks.com and saw this thread so I thought I'd go ahead and tell you a little bit about myself. I have been a big eater for as long as I remember and today,you can see the end result. I wish I could say I was overweight but I'm really past that.I'm obese...I weigh in at 348 lbs. I have lost 20lbs. since February,though. I'm not following any specific plan,just eating less junk and drinking more water. I haven't been doing much exercise either,since with work and school (and an internship!) I find that I have no time! I really would like to lose as much weight as I can and get back into the 200's,and then find myself back in "Onederland" as I've seen you call it. If anybody has any tips,or anything that can help me,I would appreciate it Thanks!
  • I'm still at 189 but I've just gone down a size and bought some size 14 pants that fit great!

    Tealeaf - I'm so glad your thread is back! Thanks for doing this. I'm sure you'll start to lose again when you get back in your normal routine.

    AmericasSweetheart - I'm sure you'll find lots of help and encouragement here. I recommend that you 'cruise' the various forums - there's one for ladies with 100+ lbs. to lose. The Maintainers thread is full of good advice - even for those of us who haven't yet met our goal. I always enjoy reading the Success Stories - lots of inspriation there!
  • Hi All~
    My weigh day is Wednesday, but I thought I'd stop in & wish everyone a happy& healthy weekend. I joined a few weeks ago & have lost 6 lbs so far.
  • This is my first weigh in and I am happy to report that I lost 4 lbs. this week.
    The gym I go to is having a "Biggest Loser" contest and I am going to join on my next visit. It cost $20.00 to join and at the end of the week you get $2.00for every pound you lose and you have to pay $2.00 for every pound you gain. The contest is over Sept.1 and the winner gets all of the money that is left in the pot. This will definately keep me in the gym and motivated to eat right.
  • Ahhhh! I am sooo happy to see this thread back!

    Sadly, I don't have good news to report...I gained .5 lb this week. I do GREAT with working out, but then at night I get sooo hungry. Vowing to do better though!
  • Well, I weighed myself a few days ago on a friend's scale and it said 205.4 but on my scale I've been coming up as 206. So... I'm gonna go with the lowest number . For the time being.

    Edit: I'm 205 as of June 4th
  • OMG! I did great! Considering that my birthday was this week and everything. I thought I was going to gain something.


    I lost 1 lb!!!

    I can't believe it.. So So So awesome!
  • Yay! We're back! Woo!

    Hang in there, Annie - I bet it's almost all gone by next week!

    America's Sweetheart - check out the 100 pound club. It's an amazing group of folks!

    Everyone else - good to see you here, and congrats on the losses!

    I'm down .5 this week to 156. Hoping for a little more next week, but we'll see. I can almost see the 60 pound mark - just up ahead!

    cheers, everyone!
  • The dang scale was UP a half pound!!

    I have been mostly quite good this week except for one day when I sort of lost it and ate a bunch of diet ice cream.

    I am going to have my Basal metabolic rate (BMR) tested this coming week because it will help me decide where I should keep my calories. It's so weird, but if you don't eat ENOUGH calories (considering your activity level), your body slams the breaks on your metabolism and weight loss. And of course, if you eat more than is right for your metabolism, you gain.

    I am also going to get a Polar 6 heartrate monitor that both helps you find your best target zone for working out AND also tracks your calories. I have started a running program I like very much that slowly trains you to run a 10K. It's great--nearly anyone can do it! If anyone wants to know about it, just private message me.

  • Hi, I'm pretty new too. I'm down 3lbs this week, that is 4lbs in total since I started my new lifestyle 2 weeks ago

    I can't wait until I reach my 14lb loss mini-goal!

    Well done on everyone for their losses, and keep it up for those who haven't lost any in the last week or so. I think that what matters is how much you lose over time, not just in one week. I mean, your weight depends so much on time of the month, how much you ate the night before, whether you've been to the (ahem) bathroom today, what time of day you weigh yourself etc.
  • Hi all - YAY to having a new permanent home and some good old-fashioned stability

    I can report the loss of another pound (possible 1.5) this week - I finally broke into the 180's and now weigh 189!!

    And this after working for 3 days (12 hour shifts) at our local festival - with nothing to eat but bad carnival food. The constant standing, lifting, walking and sorting for 12 hrs at a time probably helped stave off any gains though.
  • My weigh in day is technically Monday, but I was sick all day with food poisoning . It was sooo miserable, I wouldn't wish that on my worse enemy! Anyway, since I emptied everything in my stomach, the scale said I was down 10 pounds in 3 days, the last time I weighed myself. I know that's not too accurate...so I'll have to wait until next Monday to see how it all evens out. But I do admit, it was pretty nice to see 192...can't wait until it's there for good!
  • I lost 4 pounds last week and was at 215 on the 2nd
  • Yea I weighed in on the 6th and I was down 2 more pounds to 172 I am so so happy. I am ready to lose more but it did not get on in one day and I will not lose it in one day either.

    In the mornings I am happy to report that the scale says 168 but that is not my normal weigh in time so I do not count it but I love seeing that number. I have 2 more pounds to go until my 4th challange is complete. I love this web site I can not say it enough. Everyone on here is so wonderful

    Everyone that has lost weight, way to go and keep it up.

    Everyone else who has not had a loss this week. It will happen just buckel down and think what you want more the bad, but yummy food or weight loss.