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Default MIL and what they say

Okay I have lost a little more than just a few pounds well this weekend we went to my brother in laws house and my MIL was there. My sister in law said wow you look great and I told her how much I lost and my wonderful MIL steps and and said boy you must of weighed a ton.

Thought I would share her wonderful comment, lol--- got to love MIL
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You don't have in-laws! They are outlaws! Don't worry I have them too. I focus on the positive - people are mean if they are jealous. Is this monster heavy? too thin? bad hair, boobs, or clothes? Obviously you looked good even when you were heavier - cause she didn't realize how much you weighed. Whatever you are doing you're doing it right!!!!
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"Well, I wasn't as big as that foot in your mouth." heh heh
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You gals are awsome. I was so upset when she said that but now it is kind of funny.
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That's what I would think my MIL would say...I have never heard a good comment out of her.
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Oh your MIL must know my MIL.
My MIL is always turning my success around to something that she can do even better. I simply smile and walk away. I agree with labelle, I think a lot of it is just jealousy.

You're doing a great job, don't let her get you down
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I agree with the other girls. Its most likely jealousy. I know that happens a lot when people lose weight, people around them start being mean to them because they are jealous of the weightloss.

Doesn't make it right, but I know it happens. Keep putting those negative thoughts and vibes your mil is sending out of your mind, Great Job on your Weightloss!

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WOW! I don't know what to say, I am sorry aobut you guy's MILs I personally love mine. she always has a compliment for me, whether if it is me personally or how cute I did my daughter's hair.

The other night I was on the phone with her and I was telling her how much I loved taking the girls for walks and she told me she was jealous of all my ambition. She said she has so little she will be fat for life. I just told her we would be willing to load of the wagon and come walk with her, she just laughed at me.

I guess it just matters on the people, like I said I love my mother inlaw, but my own mother get's annoyed by her.

Congratulations on the loss you have had, soon she will be eating her words about something.
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My MIL has been very encouraging throughout my weight loss, but now acts like I've lost too much. (Since I am smaller than her now). She can't say rude things about my weight anymore, so now she constantly tells me I need a haircut with bangs. I do plan on a new hair-do once I finish my weight loss, along with hi-lights as a gift to myself for getting the weight off. My main problem with MIL is that she thinks I should have a perfect "old Lady" wardrobe like hers. She told me that anyone over 35 should never wear shorts unless they are tanned and perfectly toned. I try to just ignore her and wear whatever I feel comfortable in.
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I used to have an evil, evil MIL from my first marriage. She was the worst. She acted like I was a virus come to infect her son and it was her job to get rid of me. I guess she won because I got divorced. (He wasn't any better.)

Now I'm married to a wonderful, caring, supportive man and have an equally wonderful MIL. She even appologized for her mother asking me if I had gained weight. (This was a few years ago.) My MIL lost a bunch of weight a couple years ago so she knows how hard it is and what an accomplishment it can be. I'm very lucky that she is so nice.

But I definately know what it's like to have rude comments made. I'm sorry that she said that to you. Try not to let it get to you. If she doesn't stop, either talk to her about it (the nice path to take), or make some rude comment back (the bad path to take).
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NICE COMMENT!!! your MIL is such a cow. Don't people realize how hurtful their comments can be? I think I would have made a snappy comment back....like....."oh, how nice of you to say that?" or...."you know, if you haven't anything nice to say then don't say it, please"

I had an experience this past Christmas with my inlaws visiting......FIL noticed and said, "wow you look great, really wonderful!! " and MIL said..."what? oh yeah....you do! " So? did she really notice or just casually comment that she agreed? I have a really hard time figuring her out so I just took her comment with a grain of salt and beamed with joy that FIL noticed first!!!
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Originally Posted by dragonwoman64
"Well, I wasn't as big as that foot in your mouth." heh heh

I'd give my left arm to be a little fly on the wall to see that one.
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My MIL had gastric bypass surgery several years ago, she can be the understanding one at times. My mother is the one with some of the comments. She just doesn't realize what it is like to be heavy. Of course this is a woman who says she is fat if she has to put on a pair of size 8 jeans.
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She's just jelious. I get comments like that sometimes too!
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This thread cracks me up.

I can relate. my MIL is good hearted, but sometimes her comments and things that she says...it is like she doesn't think about how people will feel before she spits them out.

After my first child I was at 200 pounds, and I was at that point, pretty close to my goal weight of 150-I think I had made it to about 160 at the time that she made this comment after a few months of hard, hard work.

I was cutting her hair (cosmetology license), and throughout the past 6-8 months, not one word had ever been said about my weight. (I had went from a size 18/20 to about a 14.) I had recently gotten my hair cut off shorter, and she made the comment to me that my haircut "made my face look a lot thinnner." I casually mentioned that I didn't think it was the haircut...that maybe it was the 40 POUNDS.
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