Scales vs Scales

  • At my bfs house the scales weigh me four lbs lighter than the ones at my house. I think it is very strange. Whats the best surface to put scales on, carpet or wood?
  • I've always read it's best to have them on a hard surface, so I would say the wood. When I move mine from the bathroom floor - a hard surface - to the carpet, they fluctuate much more than normal.
  • I'd say a hard floor.It's more stable.

    And I've heard you should just weigh yourself on one scale.
  • Tirzah is right--only weigh yourself on one scale. Otherwise, you will go insane because all scales have their own minor fluctuations. My scale at home is always about 2 pounds higher than the scale at my TOPS meeting, and the scale I used to use at the gym was almost 10 pounds higher than my home scale, and my doc's scale fell somewhere in between. It's really not very strange at all--just pick one scale and stick to it consistently.

    Oh, and hard surfaces are always best. A scale on a plush carpet will likely give you an inaccurate reading.