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Long Journey
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Default HELLO!! Returning from a long hiberbation!!

Hello everybody!!

I have been gone for a really long time. But I am back. I realizd the other day that I am going to die unless I do something about my weight! I weigh 315 lbs plus I am a heavy smoker. I lay around the house alot and am not very active. I had to go up the steps the other day to get something. (Only 13 of them). By the time that I got to the top I thought I was gonna die. I was sooo out of breath and had to sit down. I thought...My God, is this what I have become?? I am only 28 years old. That was pretty much it for me. I have been on every diet you can think of. Most have worked but I haven't stayed on them for very long and then I gain alll my weight back. I have to stick to it this time. My health depends on it. I can just feel my body saying.... You need to lose weight or I am going to quit on you. I have ALWAYS been fat... never thin. I would love to be in the 100's. Well, wish me Luck! LOL

This is a freaky pic of me at Niagara Falls... I have a dorky expression on my face..
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Shairing her ESH...
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I dont think your expression is dorky at all!

Some advice from a woman 13 years older than you--DON'T WASTE your young years being FAT! Take care of it now, while you can.

Best of luck! Keep us posted on your progress.
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One step at a time. That was probably the best advice I got from this forum. Don't think of yourself going on just another diet. Try to put your arms around a heathier lifestyle approach. Again, one step at a time. There are always (okay, most) choices between healthy and not so healthy: eating, moving, etc. Park your car further away even if it's one parking lot over. Take one flight of stairs and then use the elevator, if applicable. Choose Baked chips over the greasy ones. A sweet piece of fruit over a fattening dessert. I found that journaling has been my breakthrough since I am an analyzer. I can go back and see the reasons for my choices to help me make better the next time around. Customize yours to fit you, simple or extavagant. It is all about small steps. Make one decision or choice today for the healthy side. The more you add up on the health side, the further away you will get from the other lifestyle that you've had. You are a young 28yo with a full lifetime ahead of you. I'm glad your body scared you enough to wake you up. Your body and yourself are a team, don't fight each other. It's your mind and the world around you that you need to fight.

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On A Mission
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Thats not a freaky picture at all! Also I didn't see a dorky expression.
Welcome back!
Its going to be hard but it is worth it in the long run.
We will all be here for you when you need us.
Also have you read any of Charles78 threads? He is a great inspiration!
Good luck darlin!!!!
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Thumbs up Good Morning~

You look fine in the photo, IMO. Glad you're back. I'm new here. I just started last week. Take it one step at a time, one day at a time & you'll be ok. Wishing you all success~
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Long Journey
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Thanks everyone!! I am happy to be back. I am making out my grocery list today and going shopping tomorrow. (Gotta get my paycheck first)

I've been reading the Biggest Loser book and it looks like a good idea to me. I love healthy foods its just that I love the bad ones too.

Later on today I am going to make out a plan for the week. I want to try and plan out my meals. Maybe that would be easier.
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Welcome and Good Luck. I understand about needing to lose the weight for health reasons. I am in the same boat. When I started my weight loss journey almost 11 months ago, I couldn't hardly walk outside to get my mail. I was so short of breath. With the weight loss, my health has improved considerably. I wish you the best. You are much younger than me and I wish I had lost the weight when I was your age.
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I just got my original post erased....

cute pic I lost a large amount of weight (and gained it all back) on WW and JC before I started my current eating/exercise plan. I learned a lot on both plans, and what I'm doing now is based on those programs. I still have hiccups and frustrations, but I feel confident I can continue and improve on it, and that I'll lose the rest of this weight.

Nice to see you here. Reading posts here always helps me. Lots of smart ladies and gentlemen.
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You can do it, it was the same kind of wake-up for me too! I was trying to run after my daughter in the park and I swear not even a half a block later I had to sit down, I was disgusted that I had let myself become this out of shape, back in high school most people thought that I was bodybuilding but I was just really active outdoors, I am trying to find that place where I was happy to be active. I figure even losing the 20lbs is better than nothing and it is some place to start from.

Keep the faith you can do it!
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Good luck to you!! You'll have good days and bad days, but always get up dust yourself off and continue on. We only fail when we quit trying!
Weight Watchers is working for me. I like the flexibility of the plan and it holds me accountable to come in each week and step on that scale. I need accountability. Every time I do it alone at home, I have not been successful. So find some diet partners on this site, with your family or at home to keep you accountable.
Try adding exercise a little at a time and as tolerated.
Good luck to you.
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Welcome back! Whenever you need help, we're here for you. You can do it!
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~Insane Java Turtle~
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Red face Turtle too

I could have written your post (except I have no living human children). I'm going to eaves drop on the advice you get and learn from you. I hope we can BOTH climb back on and find our path again. Best of luck to you on your journey.
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