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beforeim35 05-22-2006 08:12 AM

Need to remotivate
Ok, today is a new start AGAIN! I started my "lifestyle change" at the end of February. I pretty quickly lost 20 pounds. Then I fell off the wagon. Luckily I have only gained back two pounds but the rest will come back quickly if I don't make a valient effort again. This is SO important to me for many reasons.
I have most been a lurker on this board but I am hoping to start to be more active on here so that you guys can help me succeed. I have to keep on track this time, I don't want the 20 pounds I did manage to leave come back for any reason.


Jen415 05-22-2006 08:13 AM

Good for you for catching it before it got out of hand!! You can do it this time!!

PeeB 05-22-2006 09:16 AM

Before YAYAYYAYAY its awesome that you caught yourself!! Now start in on the next 20 lbs! I bet you feel great, getting back in control and not letting it get out of hand. That is the best feeling... knowing youre in charge. Youre doing great!!

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