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Question Should I...?

Ok so I really love my new job, I have been there a couple of months now. There are just two issues that I do have...
1. There are two pregnant woman in my "mini" and all they talk about is being fat and getting fat...and blah blah blah sometimes it really gets old, although it doesn't bother me they are usually just picking at themselves

2. All we do is SIT!!! And everyone complains that they have gained a lot of weight scince working there because all they do is eat all day. They eat out of the vending machines all morning or buy candy and bring it in....then they talk about where they are going for lunch (never nothing healthy) and then eat more after lunch!! And then they complain about gaining weight, one girl was saying she needed to lose weight and said she was going to try a cabbage diet. I suggested just eating healthy and going to the gym or something....She said she didnt have time to do all that, needless to say I never ONCE seen her eating cabbage soup! lol

So my question is, I've been thinking about talking to someone about supporting some kind of fitness. Maybe they could offer discounts to a nearby gym ...or something! I mean we are very competitive at our job and they are always giving away free stuff, so why not a free membership or some kind of equipment?!?! ( I think a treadmill would be better then giving away plasma Tvs, although i'd like to have one lol) I know the incentive for the Tvs and Vacations are better...but 70% of the people where I work are over weight ...shouldn't they be concered?!?!?! I know I am.

What should I do?!?1

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If you don't mention it, you'll never know if they'll go for it. What's it gonna hurt if you bring it up?
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You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink...

Unless those people REALLY want to change, eat healthy and get fit they may take it as more of an insult than a gesture of goodwill.

For myself I would LOVE it if my work offered something like that lol and they probably would too...all the Partners here are active (walking, jogging, cycling etc) and we just had an inter-office soccer comp (made it to the semis...go us!) and it kind of encourages most people to be active. A filter down effect perhaps?

Lead by example...just keep doing as you're doing and as they see you losing weight and gaining fitness and tone you'll probably be surprised how many come asking advice.

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We have both at our work,,,some people take their 15 min coffee break and walk around the building. Some go out jogging during their lunch...and I see so many of them bringing in health concious foods. Then there are a couple of people that I am going,,,OMG you are disgusting. One of them is right in my dept. Her cube is kiddy corner from me,,,and I can hear her eating her vending food junk. And well we are on the phones all day,,,call centre. I shudder to think what the customer is hearing...
I did bring up that it would be nice to have some healthy granola bars in the vending machine,,,there was some and they sold out fast. But the guy didn't replace them with more heathy stuff...
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Maybe you could do some research on all the studies that have found that being active actually increases productivity and there are lots....that way when (and I think you should) you go and talk to whoever can put inplace, a healthy incentive plan you can be prepared...??? just a thought

if they do not go for it maybe start you own challenge. Like say, go talk to those people who "complain" about their weight and challenge them to walk for 30 misn 3 days a week, or take the stairs everyday...maybe start an incentive chart or something
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All Great advice thanks for the input ladies!!!
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