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Angry Successful weight loss but a little dissappointed

Well, in total I have lost 105 pounds, but I'd like to lose 20 more. I worried about a plateau one month ago, only to actually see one in February. Even after monitoring my calorie intake just as I have done for the past 7 months, I only lost one pound in a whole month! I usually lose about 7 to 8 pounds every four weeks. This month I dieted a little different because I was somewhat tired of my slim-fast diet. I started to consume Lean Cuisine and my calorie intake remained pretty much the same to conduce to weight loss. One pound for a whole month of deprivation is a little dissappointing. Are all the calories the same? I actually felt I was overeating with Lean Cuisine for the fact that you are actually having solid food and more sodium. Yet, my calorie intake was still under 1,400. Maybe the calories creeped in somewhere I didn't notice, but I doubt I ever went over 1700. Is my body holding on to the last few 'precious' pounds? Should I do something different in my exercise routine? Should I go back to my slim-fast diet? I have many doubts because so far a month ago, my diet was still working for me before I introduced frozen meals. So, I don't know what it is that is no allowing my body to lose more weight. I feel a little discouraged, but yet I have to think that 145 lbs. is much better than 250 lbs. How did any of you overcome plateaus and discouragement at this point of nearing one's goal?
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First of all, a big congratulations on your success so far! That is truly inspiring. I'm currently back to using slimfast after using it for the first time a few years ago and having huge success with it. Unfortunately I went back to old eating habits and gained it back plus some. I've gone back to what works for me before and I'm loving it so far.

Anways, I was just wondering if you've checked to make sure you're consuming enough calories set for your height and current weight? You also didnt mention water intake or exercise(how much). This may be something you have to ramp up or switch around just to keep your body guessing. I used the weight watcher meals alot the first time I did the sf plan and never had any issues with weight not coming off. However, I did drink ALOT of water thru out the day so that may have helped things along. Are you using the plan as per the slimfast site? You should be having what they call a "combo lunch" every day along with a sensible dinner and snacks.

At any rate, I know I haven't given you much advice, but I wanted you to know that you are doing fabulous. I know you'll reach your final destination once you figure out what you want to do to get there. Be VERY VERY proud of what you've lost, I know easier said than done, right! LOL You're body is probably hanging on to what's left so you may just have to surprise it alittle bit by way of varying exercise or types of foods you eat.

I just want you to be happy with what you have accomplished right here, right now. You are a success at this moment, no matter if you ever lose that last 20 or not. Losing over a 100lbs is no easy feat by any stretch and it's something to recognize as truly exceptional!! Definitely 145 is better than 250 anyday! You're awesome!

There's a slim fast thread on the general diets forum if you're interested in joining a few of us girls over there. Best of luck as you continue your journey, thanks so much for sharing your success.
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145 pounds is awesome! Please don't be discouraged. It's perfectly normal to reach plateaus, as you're well aware. I don't think going back to Slimfast is the right move, unless you plan to survive on Slimfast for the rest of your life. You need to learn a way of eating that you can sustain forever.

It may be that your body just needs a few weeks to re-adjust to solid foods. Or it may be that you'd benefit from switching to a different type of exercise for a while. Once your body gets used to any type of exercise, it becomes more efficient at that exercise, and burns fewer calories. Changing your routine from time to time prevents that from happening.

It could even be that you're getting too few calories, which has tricked your body into thinking it's in starvation mode. When that happens, your body wants to hang onto fat with a vengeance to keep you from starving to death. It doesn't realize that you want to get rid of fat.

I'd say give it a little more time, vary your workout routine, and be patient with yourself. You really have accomplished something wonderful. A 105-pound loss is cause for celebration!
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Wow! on your 105 Lbs loss!! That is awesome!..Hang in there and and am sure you will see a good loss soon.. Overall, you are doing great..Don't loose it and keep it going!
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I'd say there's a good chance it's all the sodium from the frozen meals causing water retention. If you have time once a week it might be good to cook and freeze your own meals that you can pull out and use.

Still, if you've been doing the same thing for awhile exercise-wise then it's always a good idea to switch things around and keep your body guessing. Try some new workouts, increase your intensity, just keep switching things up. Once your body gets used to doing a certain thing it starts to become very efficient at burning less calories to do it. Can't hurt, and you'll probably see some good progress from that alone.

Congratulations on losing 105, too! If you usually lose 7-8 lbs in a month then that is an amazing track record. Change things around a bit and see what happens, but you're obviously doing something right to have lost the way you have.
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I'd bet on the sodium too. I stopped eating lean cuisine last month and it helped a lot.
Congrats on the fabulous losses!
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