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littlegg 02-20-2006 02:42 PM

Need weight loss help
I turned 50 this year, gained over 20 lb since last year. I want to loose 25 lb in the worst weigh...i mean way. And would like to firm up too. I really feel the weight gain, its more difficult to do any type of physical activity with the weight on. i've tried weight watchers in the past and have lost up to 18 lb with it but the last 2 times ive joined i never really used it. I think i need something new and improved something to jolt my interest, but not too difficult. i really feel i need to lose at least 10 lb before i can start to exercize. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.:?:

LynneA 02-20-2006 02:52 PM

Have you tried counting calories? I have found that the most effective way to track what I eat and make myself accountable. There is a forum here for calorie counting if you decide to go that route. I have lost 20lbs+ so far counting.

As for exercise, well, what do you like? Are you a gym person? Do you have time to visit a gym? Are you a stay at home exerciser? I joined a gym and I found that I like to do cardio (on treadmill or elliptial machine) then strength training with weights and recently I discovered a fondness for circuit training (I'm not weird I swear! I just really like it!). :hyper: Cardio helps burn fat, strength training with weights helps develop muscle, which gives you that toned look and in turn, helps you burn fat. In a nutshell.

Tell us more about yourself and maybe we can come up with some more suggestions :).

littlegg 02-20-2006 03:10 PM

i have a treadmill at home, like to hike when the weather permits and i have a day off. I may just give the calorie counting a try. where do you start, how may calories etc.

LynneA 02-20-2006 03:27 PM

DH and I were talking just last night about taking up hiking in the summer, I like walking and hiking sounds like fun.

When I started counting calories I knew I wanted to lose a significant amount of weight (50lb to be precise), I'd visited a nutritionist before I started and she suggested I aim for 1200-1400 cals per day, which is a standard answer. I aim for between 1200 and 1600 cals a day, which is a number I have come up with over time.

There are some great calculators here that will help you work out how many cals a day your body needs to maintain your current weight. The general thinking is, get that figure of how many cals a day your body needs to keep your current weight, then deduct 500 from it. You will then be left with the amount of cals to eat per day in order to lose weight.

Like I said, that is the very broad general math. So I wouldn't take it to gospel, it's something to start with. There are more experienced calorie counters here than myself so maybe they can add something.

Cutting calories will only get you so far, you need to be exercising also. Again, how much you exercise depends on your schedule, general fitness level etc. start off slowly, 20 mins a day maybe then up the time you spend exercising, or the level of exercise.

Hope this helps, I have found calorie counting enjoyable and easy. There are programs and sites out there that will enable you to track your calories, many of us here use www.fitday.com it's a pretty good, free site.

The best advice I can offer I think, is to browse this site. You are in the right place, there is a ton of information here in various forums, I've learnt a lot since joining.

readyfreddy 02-20-2006 05:25 PM

i feel you on the wanting to lose a bit more before excercising... part of the reason is ease and the other me being self conscious! however- just cutting calories alone will prob result in slower weight loss than intake control and calorie expenditure.... however this doesnt mean heavy duty excercise...

cleaning house, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, getting up from the desk and doing a lap around the office every hour etc are all ways to increase your calorie expenditure and dont involve hitting up the gym or going for a jog etc....

and last thing i will say- i have seen some studues (cant find them at the moment) that show excercise and toning during drastic weightloss can have better results (re loose skin etc) than just cal cutting alone.

so just some thoughts- only you know whats best for you! good luck!

readyfreddy 02-20-2006 05:30 PM

whoops sorry i read you wanted to lose 50 lbs but you said 25 and 50 was your age... i wouldnt call that drastic! :) my bad!

littlegg 02-21-2006 12:53 AM

thanks for all the suggestions

SherryA 02-21-2006 01:48 AM

Try Atkins. If you haven't tried it before, try it. It is amazing. Weight comes off SO fast, and once you get past those first 3 days you find you don't have cravings any more. You can eat when hungry, and eat nutritious filling satisfying food. Try it. Just try it for 2 weeks. If you don't like it you can always go back and do other things. But you may lose close to the 20 pounds if you stick to it really well (depending on where you are starting at). I lost 13.5 in the first week and a half (when I first did it back in 2000). And now after being on it (again) I've lost 22 pounds. That is since the 12 of December, but from the 12th to the end of December I only lost 4 pounds and wasn't on Atkins. So most of the loss has been since January.

Heather 02-21-2006 10:53 AM

I calorie count too and try to eat healthy foods as much as possible. I like the flexibility of being able to eat what I want, but really I don't stray from healthy foods nearly as often as I would have thought!!

I need to do something I can stick with for life, and do not think I could stick to Atkins long term. That being said, I know that percentage-wise I have decreased my carbs and fats and increased the protein I eat.

I started this whole process by just cutting down portions, then after a month started calorie counting. It is a process to find out how much you can eat (and everyone's different). When I weighed 250-280, I was eating 2000 calories a day. Now I am trying to keep it under 1900, but often am lower than that (usually 1700-1900). I lost more weight at the beginning (many people do) and now lose 1- 1 1/2 pounds/week. I am not interested in losing quickly, but in getting healthier, as I understand the two do not always go together.

I am also exercising. I know what you mean about feeling like you can't do it right away. That, too, began gradually for me, starting with a little treadmill walking, but now I do regular cardio and added weight training, which is supposed to be helpful for people of ALL ages. There's a lot of great info about exercise on the exercise thread.

littlegg 02-21-2006 01:10 PM

Thanks all, I think I am goping to try the calorie counting. I like the flexability of different foods and I already eat low fat foods and skim products most of the time. Do you just jot it down in a little notebook or is there some web based calculator, also any recipes or meal plans would be greatly appreciated. I think this is doable. If I can lose a lb a week I will be at goal by august. I can certainly live with that. Thanks all.

littlegg 02-21-2006 02:39 PM

I downloaded fitday to my computer
It doesnt seem to be as user friendly asd I thought it would be, but all I have to compare with is the weightwatchers on line e tools that I once used.
The calories arent matching up with those on the product and it seems to tedious to put in all of the information when all i really want is the calories, carbs and fats. Then once I get the numbers in I cant find it to use it.
I dont know maybe I will get used to it, I guess it will take time.

Heather 02-21-2006 08:56 PM

I use nutridiary.com. It's like fitday but I like the interface and some of the info a bit better. If I eat an an apple it gives options for sizes and weights. I weigh everything on my scale now! I personally don't worry that everything I log is exactly perfect. I see it as a tool to help me control what I eat so I can keep an eye on calories and nutrition. I try to get it right, but some info is a bit high and others a bit low, and I figure it averages out over time.

I do enter a lot of custom foods and it is tedious at first, but does get better!

If you really don't like it, try writing it in a notebook -- whatever works for you!

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