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Default How many pounds before buying new jeans?

I was going to try to make these size 18 Lane Bryant jeans last until I go down at least to size 14. But now I am wondering what other people do.

I have lost 15 pounds and I need to lose quite a bit more. I would rather spend my clothes money when I am closer to goal, not on every interim size down the way. I don't wear dresses right now because I am nursing a toddler.

What do you do? What are your suggestions?
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Thrift stores,consignment shops,and garage sales(they should be starting up come spring soon).Shopping sales racks is also an option....some stores have really great sales going on once a week.
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Since I am not losing so much that I can't wear my old clothe anymore. I was just going to wait until I reach my goal weight. But if you can't make do, thrift shop is great place to find some in progress clothe.
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If you are a SAHM, try buying a few draw string pants, elastic pants, fitness pants, etc. They may not be too attractive (but if you look around you can find something doable), but they will last you through some poundage loss. I have some cute light blue pants with cargo pockets on the side, buttons and zippers (but hidden elastic in the back) and drawstrings up front. I bought 2 of those pants and 4 shirts to go with them. They were only about $12 each and they do me well. Now I can't do that becuase even though I can wear them to Walmart, I can't wear them to work.

Shop Goodwill, friend's closets and look for something that you may have worn before you gained your weight.
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my question would be how many pounds do you have to lose to go down a dress or pants size?? i have lost 16 so far and am still wearing my 16's. I guess i was probably heading up to an 18 because my waist bands were getting tight on me and now they are pretty comfortable. I am just wondering how much more i have to lose to be back in a 14?? i am sooooo ready to go down a size. I hope to be in a 12 at least by July. I am really praying that my jogging is going to help me drop some inches soon so i can go down a size. (and luckily I still have some 14 jeans at home because i refused to get rid of them. )
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I ust went to WalMart and bought what I'm calling a "transitional" pair of Lee relaxed jeans for $15. Jeans match most of my tops, so that'll work until I reach my goal. I've also hit Goodwill before - found an incredibly perfect fitting pair of Jordache jeans there once... I'm not terribly style conscious and my work doesn't require dressing up so I live in jeans, which makes it easier.
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There are several threads on how much weight a person loses before going down a size and the answer to that is it varies WIDELY. Go to a store and try on new clothes. That's the only way you can tell.

I own some jeans that look and are jeans but are stretch jeans. They last me through reductions.
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I got my 16's the other day It took me 27lbs to get them..I got 4 pair and only 2 pair are tight not to tight but when the new jeans get loose I will go get more. I am going to get rid of my big jeans so I dont go back to that.
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Yeah, it definitely varies, person to person, jeans to jeans, etc. I've heard that 10 pounds is about an inch, so perhaps 15-20 pounds is an actual dress size? But some people carry weight differently, and bodies are so various.

I am wearing my old jeans, some pairs are tighter and look ok, and I have some OLD OLD OLD jeans that aren't very fashionable but look fine for the stage I'm in now. Some of my jeans just look ridiculous now and I shouldn't be wearing them, but I actually like it, even if it isn't the most flattering thing . I actually bought "goal size" jeans, they were pretty expensive, and are my motivation. So, I'm guessing about 30 pounds before I'll be in those, in the mean time I'd go CHEAP... Walmart, discount places, Target has great jeans, and hitting up sales and things like that.
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For each size drop I only buy a couple of pieces. But I make sure they are classic and versatile - last summer I had 3 pairs of shorts, kahki, denim, and plain old cotton drawstring ones for working out. Tops tend to last a bit longer for me (a shirt that is slightly oversized isn't as obvious as pants that are to big, on me anyway) so I usually buy more of them. Plus, I knew that the t-shirts I bought during the summer could still be used for layering in the winter. I bought the stretch cotton ones that are a bit fitted (old navy and gap) so they weren't sloppy as they became a bit big on me. And, even when they are way too big I can still wear them to work out, clean house, etc.

Consider concentrating on new accessories. You can mix and match your basic pieces and completely change the outfit with a different scarf, belt, etc. And you aren't going to outgrow an accessory so you'll still be able to make use of them once you reach your goal.
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I agree with the thrift store idea. During my weight loss, I went there periodically to buy some jeans. I didn't want to waste money buying them brand new because I knew they'd eventually be too big for me anyway. So I went to the thrift store (which is thankfully nice) and got a few pair of really decent jeans for like $3 a piece. That way I didn't feel so bad having to get rid of them when I couldn't wear them anymore. The jeans I got were in great shape and looked practically new, so heck, I'll probably just buy my jeans there from now on. That and since they're used, they've already been washed and relaxed, so I know the initial fit will stay the same.
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Default Use a belt

I just started using a belt. Since I only put the weight back on over the last 3 years or so, I wasn't going to give up my old (smaller) clothes so easily, so I have smaller things if I need them. But until I can fit in them (or find them) I've got a belt. Alas, I'm on the smallest hole, so I should find my belt-hole puncher soon too...

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I buy new clothes. I need to cultivate some respect and love for my body, so new clothes are the easiest way to help me see the changes. It would be lovely to have a big pot of money to spend at goal, but I'd rather feel gorgeous at every weight I go through rather than waiting for a big spending spree at the end of it having had to wear stuff that didn't fit all the way down.

I am lucky in that I can (just) afford it, as long as I buy cheap stuff. I never buy anything expensive, but I do buy bits and pieces most weeks. The money might be better spent paying off my debt quicker, but I can still buy clothes and pay off my debt slowly, so that will do for me. If I start hating the way I look I might lose motivation, but if I constantly see myself in new (and tiny) clothes it gives me the psychological boost that i need.
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When I lost weight the last time, it was summer so I bought myself a bunch of skirts. They tend to be more forgiving than jeans and I've worn them as I lost weight and as I gained some back too. I also had a few pairs of "stretch" pants and slacks, those tended to be flexible and stay on despite whatever size my stomach was at the time. Also like Janis, I started buying more belts!
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I was going to suggest "cheaper" stores. Like Fashion Bug, CATO and the like. That way, you can feel good about having new clothes, while not feeling the pain of overspending on something you won't be wearing for a long time. Try buying skirts as well.
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