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Default Setting Mini Goals

I'm new to the forum, although I've been lurking since November.

And I've read all your posts almost daily. You're all very supportive so I'm wondering if anyone has found setting mini goals tied to a date helpful. I've tied other goals to dates/deadlines and have found it works for me, but I'm not sure about weightloss.

I want to start a new business in September. And I need to be in shape to do this business as its quite physical. But September seems like alot of time so its not a motivating date.

Then I'm moving out to my husband's acreage in April. And I'd like to meet the people in the area, as its a bit isolating living out in the country. So I thought I'd have a Ladies Afternoon Tea in May. That gives me 12 weeks to get ready, lose some weight, etc. And I am terrified of meeting new people to begin with, so meeting new people and being fat is a double whammy.

Do you think that using this is going to be motivating or is going to backfire?

Then the next one is starting to advertise the business, late June. And I want to appear confident, which actually happens when I am in shape, even if I'm not at my goal weight (before I got married, I had exercised down to 155 and felt great!, then got married, and oops! back up).

And of course, my birthday in late July.

Then the business opening in September.

Does this sound like something that has worked for anyone? I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions. It certainly got the weights out for me last night.
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Yes it does work I set myself a small goal that I be at 215 by V-day and I am there now...My next mini goal is to be 208 by St P-day....
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I am a big advocate of mini goals. I love them. I usually set mine for, say, 4lbs per month. My latest mini goal is 7lbs by 28th March. I make sure that my mini goals are realistic, setting them to how fast I am losing weight, how much exercise I am doing etc. I set a mini goal in January and made it so yes, they do work for me!

You look like you have a number of dates that you could set mini goals to. I aim for 1lb a week during a mini goal, that's a nice healthy weight loss and realistic. Mini goals help, they encourage you. For me, looking at the big picture can be very overwhelming. Mini goals help you break it down and stay sane, well in my case they do anyway!

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I have set myself a mini goal for Easter Sunday. I want to lose 15 pounds by then. That is really working hard at it. I would be happy with 10 pounds. Set a mini goal, reach it, and then set another one!
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Mini-goals are something that never occurred to me before I got here. I only saw the final goal in the distance.

Mini-goals are great! I've set one for March 1, Ash Wednesday. (Then, trying not to get ahead of myself, I will set another one for April 16, Easter Sunday, and for the first time will buy a new spring outfit for the occasion.)

Mini Goal for March 1

Long Term Goal

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I think setting mini goals are good. because then each time you reach one, you have a great reason to pat yourself on the back and feel good about achieving your goals. if you set a long range goal of losing 100 by the end of the year, you have a tendency to lose track of the big picture and have to start over again and again. if you set small, short goals, you have something to focus on that may not be so far away.
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No matter what we weigh, looking at the whole number can be very discouraging. I really like setting mini goals as it makes the process seem less insurmountable. However, I am not into setting dates with my goals, as it nudges me back towards certain diet mentalities that really get to me. One of my big mental challenges has been to try and discover the grey area and not always live in the world of black or white. Too often in the past I have missed a goal and let myself get sucked into the feeling of total failure. If you can miss a date goal, shrug and move on, then there is no problem setting them. If you are going to beat yourself up for missing a goal and possibly discourage yourself from your long term goals, then it would be best to shy away from setting dates.

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I do better with mini goals than big goals, truly. The big goal is too daunting. My next mini goal is to get to 200 by April 6 (when I go to Phoenix to see family). That's about 11 or 12 pounds I think (won't know officially til my weigh in tomorrow). But at the rate I've been losing I think it's do-able. I think it's a great tool. A little reward for yourself for hitting your goals is a good thing too - like a new outfit or a new pair of shoes, or a facial, whatever. Makes it more fun.
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I like mini goals but I keep mine very safe lol I too had 215 as a goal for Valentine's Day and reached it but I knew I'd be able to do it as it was a very reasonable number. So, I guess I set myself up not to be disappointed by keeping them small, and there's also the added chance of meeting them in advance.

Goal or no goal, the weight's gonna come off. Of course, I'd love for it to be sooner than later! lol but however long it's gonna take, I just want it gone for good so I'm willing to be patient and just keep up with my new healthy habits no matter what.

I'm nowhere near my final goal but I already have loads more confidence and feel way better knowing I'm eating right and exercising.

12 weeks is a good time frame, and by then a lot of your new habits will be just that, habits that have become part of your new life. No matter what the number on the scale says by then, just knowing that you have taken charge of your health and doing something about it will do wonders for your confidence. Just think, instead of talking about your future plans of getting healthier at the tea party, you can actually tell people about all that you've already achieved and perhaps inspire some people too!

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My mini goal are not usually about weight - but about what good habits I can have for the week. If I follow them - the weight comes off.

I set them each week. This week my mini-goals were

NO extra points.. and I mean it this time (I am doing WW)
If I am not skiing - go to the gym
Drink 2 water bottles per day
five pounds at a time : and then i get a massage from a hot guy
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I'm glad to hear this works for other people too. And helpful to hear how everyone individualizes their goals.

What I do is say, "well, that date/event is so far away I don't have to get in shape yet".

I know, its a terrible mindset. This is why I figured using closer dates would be motivating.

If I know that I'm going to have a whole bunch of new potential friends over to the house, then at night when I'm "oh I'll just read this book instead of doing weights" I can then tell myself that no, May is not that far away and if I don't do it now, then I'm not going to be able to catch up.

I just can't seem to motivate myself simply by looking at goals like wearing a bathing suit without shame, or fitting into the pants I really like, or feeling comfortable naked in front of my husband. These just don't work for me. They don't make me exercise or keep me from binging. That is why I figured dates close to, things I really really want, and fear, work better.

So far, it seems to be working. I'll know better after the first initial enthusiasm wears off though.
Starting Weight: 180
Current Weight: 179
Goal Weight: 128
Highest Weight: 211
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