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Default What are you looking for, here at 3FC?

The other day Suzanne asked what we want for support from our friends and family. That got me to thinking about what we want from each other.
What is support? encouragment? instruction? direction? empathy? a kick in the pants? a gently nudge down a better path?

What are you looking for?
What did you find?
Any difference between the two?
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I was looking for support, information, a place to ask questions (and hopefully answer some too) and a place to share successes and frustrations. I found them all.
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I come here for motivation and information. Motivation is best type of support for me.
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Hi susan....I came here just looking for any advice or just plain help. I don't have a really supportive family...in fact I am the fat person of the family and they just don't get it? Here everyone understands it seems. I have only been here a few days now and you guys have been so wonderful. This forum is really I think one of the best support systems out there for me at least...esspecially in my situation. One of the things I like about this is the encouragement and honesty. And people answer you! LOL Sometimes you go to a forum for weight loss or advice and you get no replies..here someone is willing to offer inspiration and help. Plus it really helps you stay focused....like a place that keeps you checked in..if you know what I mean. I am very happy I found this site!
Hope everyone has a good day!

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Lookin for the support that I dont get at home...No one knows better how hard it is than the people who are going through what you are.
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Looking for a place to share and stay accountable. I love hearing that others are going through what I am and I love success stories. I like the feeling that I am part of a community of winners!

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Motivation. Information. To share knowledge. To vent if need be knowing someone will listen. To give advice and receive it in return. To know I'm not alone out there. And it's nice knowing I have a support group when I need it
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How about "D, all of the above"?

I've started coming to this board more and more. For various reasons, depending on the day and my mood.

It's a HUGE help and I'm quite grateful for it.
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I come for help, motivation, and sometimes a kick in the rear. :-) Most of my friends are naturally thin, and by that I mean they have never even thought about a diet, so they totally dont get my frustrations. People get it here, and keep me going! :-)
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I'm a pretty reserved person, even though I'm outgoing. I find it difficult to talk about my problems with people in "real life", even my closest friends and family (or maybe *especially* them). Going to the dietician has been a lifeline for me in this way, but I need more than that and I can get it here. I am also inspired by everyone here and how hard we all are working at this.
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Accountability mostly but an added benefit is motivation from all the people who have stayed on track and have seen/are seeing the results!
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When i joined 3FC a year ago, all I wanted was information and advice about how a 262lb fat, desperate, unfit individual was meant to move her body and get the weight off.

I thought I would be here, oh 5 days to learn a bit and move on. What I didn't expect was to find inspiration, encouragement and friendship, not to mention IRL running buddies.

3FC has been the difference between success and failure for me. When I joined I never knew that people of my weight, and above, had lost weight naturally and kept it off. I have been given so much love, support and confidence, that if I can give a bit of that back, I will be a happy camper!
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Support, motivation, and ideas. I am pretty shy IRL, and have a hard time meeting people just as friends, much less meeting people I feel close enough to to confide in. I am much more outgoing and honest about my feelings in this forum and have *met* some really nice people.
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Without a doubt, I never would have lost the weight and kept it off without 3FC.

I've been a member here forever (probably around 1997) -- I'm #1619 out of some 48,000 registered members. I remember re-registering at least once before 1999 in a server change, so I go way, way back to the prehistoric days of 3FC.

Until 2001, I was a big, fat diet failure. I started and quit a hundred diets, gained and lost at least 100 pounds. But I still came here just about every day and read and learned and never gave up my dream.

Once I finally got it right and lost the weight in 2001-2002, I was terrified that I wouldn't be able to keep the weight off. No one talks about or writes about maintenance! Everyone who I knew in Real Life who had lost a lot of weight gained it back and I was lost and scared.

And then I meet MrsJim here, who's lost 115 pounds and kept it off for 15+ years. She showed me that it IS possible to maintain a large weight loss and yes, it DOES get easier over time. Thank you, Karen!

A few years ago, Mel, MrsJim and I asked the chicks for a forum devoted to maintenance and the Maintainers Forum was born. We're one of the few places you'll find on the Internet that focuses on weight loss maintenance and I couldn't be prouder of all the wonderful success stories - both big and small - that we have here at 3FC.

3FC is still my lifeline. I log on first thing every morning with a cup of coffee. I still - and always will - need the support, encouragement, and friendships that this priceless site has given to me.
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My family isn't all that supportive of my wanting to lose weight... which is surprising considering that all of the ones that I live with are overweight. My mom continues to bake cookies and cakes a couple times a week... sweets are my BIGGEST weekness, especially cookies. My brother and father don't get what all the fuss is about.

So to be able to come here and see people JUST LIKE ME, who actually want to lose weight and are willing to work hard to do that... it's an inspiration to me. I feel inspired to reach my goals. And I know, I KNOW that if I start to get off track, there will be people there to kick me in the butt and say "Yo, you know you shouldn't be doing that. You know you can do better." Sometimes that's all I need to get going again.
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