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Default What have I done wrong?

I've been heading off to the gym 5 - 6 days a week for about 6 weeks now. The scales have moved a whole 2kg's (4 pounds) in this time. Oh they did move another kilo, but its gone up again.

I've mainly been measuring myself, but all of a sudden I've "put on" 4 cm on my hips and 5 on my waist. I'm suppose its probably fluid cause I had lost 19cm over all until today, and its taht time of the month.

But the scales aren't shifting, and I have my 6 week weigh in next friday (3 feb) and I'm going to feel really depressed if there hasn't been a change, and they wont believe me when I say I've been really pushing it exercise wise.

I haven't been keeping track of my eating, but I have cut junk food from my diet completely, and not eating after 7.30pm etc. I was eating maccas nearly every day, so there is a lot of calories saved just there.

I just dont know what to do.

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Kathy, I would try tracking your calories for a week. It's all too easy to think we're "eating well", when we're actually eating twice as many calories as we should be.
Don't get discouraged... there's got to be a reason for this!
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Hey Kathy, I agree with Ellis. You definately need to track your calories. There's even a cool website called fitday.com that is totally free where you can not only save and track your calories consumed but see a breakdown of where your calories are coming from. You may be eating healthier but you may not be getting in enough protein. Also, with that much exercise is it possible that you are gaining muscle? A good indication of how well you are doing doesn't neccessarily come from the scales but in how your clothes are fitting. If they feel looser than before but you are not seeing a big change in the scale then you very well could be losing fat and gaining muscle. Hope this helps.

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I'm in with the others. A closer track and some assessing is a good thing once in a while.
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