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Default Wasn't sure where to post this...

I am really bummed lately because I just can't seem to find any comfortable, cute workout clothes decently priced. I don't wany anything with super human powers, lol.. just some loose fitting, comfortable pants and tees and hoodies maybe (something somewhat trendy). Everything seems to be super short, super expensive and SUPER tight! Any ideas gals?

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Walmart...? I buy all my sweats at Walmart. When I went to the gym, I wore pajama pants and tees.
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You can get some cute (and inexpensive) gear at Target and Old Navy. Granted, you need to double up the sports bras if you don't want to bounce, but I think anyone above an "A" cup needs to do that anyway
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Marshall's and Kohl's (always a sale)
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Target Target Target

Look in both the regular clothing section and the "workout clothes" section, because they have them in both places.
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I agree with everyone who says target... The Targets that I've been in have had a massive selection of fitness clothes (and fitness stuff in general). And they're usually really cute. Some of it you can buy off the internet if you don't have one near you, but there might be the issue of different brands/sizes/fits, you know... when a certain size in one brand fits you but the same size in a different one doesn't. It helps to be able to try things on.

Walmart has some cute stuff and they usually have a bigger selection of bigger sizes, but most of the time when I go shelves are picked clean.

Honestly... the way I get past the super short, super tight problem is by sneaking over to the men's section. I usually buys my shirts, sweatshirts and sometimes shorts over there... and then buy the pants from boy's section (I'm short). I know it sounds weird but they have alot of stuff that is exactly like the women's but not as tight. They might not have the bright pinks and lime greens, but I found the same black, blue, white, grey, red, green, etc. warm up suits they had in women's in the men's section but baggier and more comfortable to actually move around in.
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