Got a new scale & compulsive about weighing

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  • Oh my god I hear ya on this one...I sooo do the same thing you know..But I have to come to learn that it's not about the Number's anymore it's how you feel, what kind of a week you had, knowing inside that you did well and learning that much is HUGH!!! Retaing water and salt intake is all accountable for those number's creaping up as well Unless of course you really blew it over the week or what ever, But it's true once a week is enough and I find it so hard to do that, as you I weight every morning , but go to the washroom first, sound's stupid but it's just that every little dribbel can help i but in the long run, IT CAN DO MORE HARM THEN GOOD....just realize that your not the only one addicted the the SCALE!!! I think we all are Geee I am...
  • Daily weigher here!
    I weigh in daily, It kinda keeps me in touch with my progress.
  • I weigh myself every day. Can't help it, I'm addicted.
  • Im glad i found this today because i had been having steady progress wth WW flex,weighing myself on tues mornings. Well this morning was the same as last tuesday. Not bad you say, at least its not a gain, BUT i cheated and weighed myself on thurday and was down 4 LBS from last week.

    I think the sunflower seeds i have been munching on at work and the fact that i just got over my period may have a lot to do with it but have decided to:

    buy a digital scale
    and DUMP the sunflower seeds!

    Thanks as always for the help
  • I can so relate to those sunflower seeds LOL It's my time of the month and I too am going to toss them!
    Still weighing in daily. Still feel pretty good about the numbers showing up.
    I have not exercised lately and have noticed that I am not losing. Not gaining just staying the same. Today is a new day and I am going to jump on that treadmill and play striptease with my weight (TAKE IT OFF)!
    Hope everyone has a great week & weekend!