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  • I can see by your posts how much weight you all are losing.
    It is really encouraging, my problem is patience.
    How much are you guys losing?
    How are you doing it?
    How long is it taking?
    I will try to post my info below. I made slide/scale but it does not always work
  • Oh cool it worked, but now I have to figure out how to change the number since I am down to 231!
  • Go to user cp, click on edit signature, find in the source code where it say 237 and change it to 231. Save it and you are done.

    Also your signature only shows up once on a page...something about making the pages load faster.
  • Hee Hee you've got it already
  • Oh yeah- I never answered the original post....I lost weight by counting calories and walking. Then I stopped journalling for a year and a half and gained like 15 pounds back. Now I'm back to daily journalling in Fitday and I have added weight training to tone up some of this excess skin. I'm doing the workouts from Winning by Losing. I'm losing pounds very slowly now - but my cloths fit better and I keep finding new muscles.. I'm pretty patient with the slow weight loss because I know I could be eating a lot cleaner.
  • Wow, Gina we were the same weight when we started. I would KILL to be your weight! How long did it take?
  • Hello!

    I've lost 60lbs so far

    Doing it by eating less and moving more Now specifically kickboxing, weight training and running, eating a diet high in protein and low-ish in carbs, specifically refined carbs

    Oh **** it's taken YEARS but I don't mind because I've not gone all out on it! I eat out once a week and still eat chocolate and cookies occasionally! I'm a helluva lot healthier than when I started! It's been a gradual change.
  • It's taken me a year to lose 63lbs. I think it will probably take me a year to lose the next 50!!! I'm happy with that. I want to do this one time, and do it forever. It's a lifestyle change for me, not a diet.

    I basically made lots of changes, started to think and plan more what I was eating, cut down on foods containing "empty calories" and the massive change I made was exercise. I belong to a gym at work and one near my home, I swim, walk (soon will be running), I do classes like fitball. Best of all I have made loads of on line and in real life friends. I have really enjoyed the journey so far.
  • I've lost 57 pounds since July by also eating less and moving more. I count calories and log everything I eat in nutridiary. I started exercising in Sept by walking on my treadmill, and last month joined a gym. Of course I want to lose weight, but my overall goal is to be healthier, and to be healthier 10 years from now than I am today. I have to repeat this to myself on weeks like this one, where despite eating right and exercising I lost no weight. That's okay and to be expected, but still not fun. I am learning patience with this whole process. This is a new lifestyle for me, and maintaining the lifestyle a commitment I made to myself.
  • You don't have to kill anybody to have what Gina has (although Gina is quite special) All you have to do is do what she does. Eat less and move more. I think I've heard that somewhere before ... hmmm.
  • Well, I started losing last Jan, and lost my weight within six months (I got down to 130, not 125). I kept it off for the summer, and then when winter came I gained about 7 lbs, due to increased appetite. I lost that 7 lbs, and now I'm working on getting the last 5 lbs off. If they don't come off, then I guess I don't mind too much.

    They way I've lost is by eating less and exercising more. I eat 1200-1600 cals a day, run and lift weights.
  • After a lifetime of obesity, I finally started down the road to success when I STOPPED comparing my weight and rate of loss to others, and when I stopped worrying about how quickly it was or wasn't coming off. I was one who started a full program rather than making gradual changes. I didn't monitor my weight for 6 weeks, though, because I wanted to break the association between the scale and what I was doing -- making radical, life-long changes to how I lived. By focusing on "losing weight" all those years, and worrying about what the scale said every week, I started working on my thought process and behavoirs. If I did all the right things, the weight would come off. I resolved that I would be living like this for the rest of my life, so it didn't matter whether the weight came off in a year or 2 years or 5 years. What was important was that I built a healthy way of eating and moving in such a way that it was an integrated part of my life, not something I did to "lose weight" that would one day be finished.

    That's not to say that it wasn't hard, and that I didn't experience impatience and sometimes stomp my feet in frustration. But, by taking the focus OFF the scale at the beginning, I taught myself that success doesn't come from a number, it comes from learning about myself, devising strategies, and meeting challenges. With those tools in my belt, I don't have to have the same numbers-driven result-oriented outlook that most dieters have, and that is what has kept me on track all this time.
  • I started losing weight May 24/05 and so far have lost 67 lbs. I lose about 1 lb a week now and was losing approx 2 lbs a week when I was heavier. I count calories and exercise as well as food journaling and making sure I drink water. Best of luck to you. It CAN be done!