Snowman Syndrome

  • I have developed a problem lately that I have lovingly named snowman syndrome. I have lost 46 pounds and I know that I am smaller than I was, however my stomach is not shrinking as fast as the rest of my body. I have this round belly and hips and chicken arms and legs. I look like a snowman with sticks sticking out for arms and legs. I know that belly fat is suppose to be stuborn but I can not even find clothes that fit me correctly because of this odd shape. Does anyone know of any exercises or techniques to help shrink belly fat.
  • I think a lot of it is genetic. I am more of a pear shape but had a very big stomach before I lost some weight. I tend to lose weight from my stomach (lower abdomen) first.

    One of my girlfriends has the opposite problem. She has thin legs and no butt, but is heavy around the waist and stomach. No matter how much weight she loses, it doesn't want to budge from her 'problem' areas. Sometimes I don't know what's worse a big butt or a big stomach!
  • Boy, I know that syndrome well. I am losing inches around every part of my body except the "gut" area. Sometimes, I look prego, which I am not. Embarassing at times when I want to wear my favorite pair of jeans. Uh uh..not going anywhere with my belly hanging out.
    I will wait it out until I get down to my goal weight then go from there.

    emerald dragonfly
  • Unfortunately, you can't spot reduce, that is target exercise for one body part only. The only thing that will shift the tummy fat, is to keep doing your cardio and eating sensibly. Not a sexy exciting answer, but that's the truth folks.

    And I know where your coming from, my stomach is like a plate of untamed jelly, threatening to spill over at any moment. It has got lots smaller, but its still pretty nasty when I don't have clothes on!!!
  • I am getting a bit "dumbell" shaped myself, since the fat disappears from my middle (just below ribs) before my waist. If i keep losing, it should even out eventually.
  • I have an hourglass figure and am very top heavy---(and unfortunately equally bottom heavy) --the waist isn't my problem so much so whenever I get a new bra that actually supports me and my waist shows I am bombarded with compliments on how much weight I have lost!!!!!
  • I know the feeling. I absoulutly hate my stomach.
    Ever since I had a C-section , I feel like I have the pouch from he##.
    It used to get countless infections. And now it just makes me feel so unattractive. I still dont get whats going on witht he belly button area.
    If I dont dry my belly button after a shower completly ohh geeze its to embarrising to even exsplain. Just know your not alone on your feelings about your stomach
  • I had to dip down to very low bodyfat levels for a woman before my stomach started to go. It's the first place the weight reappears if I gain 2 pounds

  • Well, I am glad to know that I am not alone. I have decieded that I need to start working harder at the gym and I know that I can't spot reduce but maybe it will at least make the fat a little prettier.