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Default There are no excuses... but could someone help??!!

Ok this will be long so be prepared....

I started working out around mothers day this year, I was at my highest weight ever right around 218 ish . I loved it, I had a great amount of energy wasnt so lazy etc. But my downfall was the weekends, I would party and drink beer eat fast food to cure a hang over so I was counterdicting myself....
I stopped working out but still watched what I ate.
MY PROBLEM AREA IS THIS.... I work from 8 am till 6 pm monday through friday... NO BIG DEAL but I live about 45 mins away from my job, I was going to the gym in the morning at around 5 ish that was workingout great but I was getting dranied because I would get home around 6:45 ish make dinner so its like 7:30ish play with Makayla (my 14 month old) bath her and put her down at 9:30 then clean teh house, dishes,laundry vaccum. YOu know the typically mommy stuff. BUt I am sooooo tired that I crash at like 11 or 12, and trying to get up at 5 I hit snooze and not know it. Sleep through the gym. Im getting upset with myself because just last week I had people left and right telling me how good I look Im losing weight, and I wasnt lazy! My sundays and saturdays are spent playing running around cleaning, not napping.
So all in all I know what I have to do, because I want tthat feeling back. BUT how do you guys BALANCE??? What can I do not to feel so tired thta I wanna sleep right until I have to get up??? ANYONE??!! any suggestions would be soooooo very HELPFUL!!!

~THank you..... BUSY BUSY AND WORN OUT!!
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I am a very busy mom, my work and the kids school is a 45 minute commute each way. The kids have activities ie: soccer, dance class, etc. Plus we participate in community theater with rehearsals two nights a week. All this is to point out that I understand about busy and feeling drained.

I workout at home. If I had to get myself to a gym I would find every excuse in the book not to get myself there! I use The Firm workouts, I really like them, but there are lots of different workout programs to choose from. In a perfect world I get up at 5am when DH gets up for work, and I do my 35 to 60 minute workout, and then have my 'puter time and take my shower before getting the kids up for school.

Perfect doesn't always happen, but I'm now addicted enough to working out that I make myself fit it in in the evening if I miss my morning workout. Yes getting up that early does mean I am tired earlier in the evening, and that gets hard especially on rehearsal nights when I can not get to bed early. Tired for me equals more challenging for me to make good food choices. Those candy bars are so tempting at rehearsal when I have no energy. However those are my choices and my battles. This whole healthy lifestyle is HARD work sometimes! This is just what is working for me right now.
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Your situation is almost identical to mine, minus the baby! I work full time Monday-Friday and am a part time student, so planning can be tough. My biggest battle of this weightloss challenge has been my partying. I am a 19 year old college student, so I go out every weekend with the girls and I know just how hard it is to make good decisions. When you're drunk at 2AM, IHOP isn't soundin so bad huh?

Honestly, I am not the best person to give advice as I am currently struggling with the work out plan as well. In the past month or two I cannot count how many times I set my alarm clock for 6:30AM to go to the gym and my booty does NOT get up when that thing goes off. I have just recently set a personal goal for myself to get recommitted to working out. If I feel I am too tired to actually go to the gym, I will throw on a Tae-Bo video or go walk to the dog. Anything is better than nothing, ya know? Balancing everything can be extremely tough, trust me I know, but just mess around with your options until you find the one that best suites you. Good luck!
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It comes down to this.
Im kind of in the same boat busy mom works midnights.
If you dont work out.
You not going to lose any of the weight.

Hate to be so blunt on that one but its true.
The thing is you have to make that time. Other wise all your doing is either maintaining or just going no where.
Something has to give. Either give up a show you might like to watch.
Dont be right on top of a chore you usually are. Something.
Try work out tapes or going for a walk with the little one. Buy a running stroller and take the little one out for your runs.
Do what ever you can to get the workouts in at least 5 times a week to lose weight.
It comes down to us managing what little time we do have. But the more you put that off the more time you lost being a more healthy person. Dont wait , dont let time go by . Make you your priorty so you can be a grandparent and still run after those grand kids.
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