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Default Hanging on to the old me..help me let go!

Well, I have been coming here daily. I have been reading and feeling guilty for even doing that. I was doing SO good. I have Florida coming and I was very in tune with what I needed and then the smallest thing happened. I discovered my scale was off BY ALOT. Ever since then no matter the pep talk I have been eating. I know that is the trigger because that is when it started. I have fallen into my old patterns and wow so easy to do.

My husband tho he loves and supports me tends to eat along with me which makes it sick as this sounds FUN! However the old me would have felt NO guilt and would have just said..oh well this me..the current me is sickened while I am eating! Knowing for sure what I am suppose to be doing and not doing it and not knowing how to stop it. It almost feels like an addiction! I would like to begin again but quite honestly I am deathly afraid of hopping on that scale. How can I begin and feel ok with myself? How do you pick yourself up and get a move on again with out the stupid pity party!! I am feeling so frustrated and after about a month I think its time I come clean and ask for HELP!!! phew I kinda feel better now that I have spilled my guts. Maybe I will go to the store and pick up some healthy food for the begining once again.

Thank you all for letting me do this and taking the time to read it
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Get your booty down to the store and stock up on lots of healthy, wholesome foods and snacks like veggies and fresh fruits.

Tell your hubby that you are enlisting him to help you keep in control when you need support. Let him know how much his support means to you and your sucess.

You can do this! Get right back on program, Missy
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Forgive yourself first of all... and Yogini is right, dont count on the scale so much....Get the hubby to support you and I bet he will change his eating habits also... And come here for support too... I belong to Tops, its great to have a support network, I am a binge eater and when I feel the urge to binge, I give someone a call.... So, good luck on your weight loss journey, remember, rome wasnt built in a day.. think of it as a Life style change..... not just a diet for an event... India
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Default No slave to the scale


Getting rid of the scale or at least put it away where you dont see it everyday like I do and pull it out only once a week to weigh in. I do this on Mondays. You will seee a fluctuation of numbers if you weigh in every day and that can be discouraging.
Second, you sound like you already can admit that you have a problem, unlike in the past and that is your first step. Food is an addiction just as is alcohol, drugs or anything else. So admitting your problem will allow you to take the steps needed to address it. Just like AA's 12 step. The philosophy to that can work for anything.
Support from your husband would be helpful but ultimately it is up to YOU. Only YOU can make the changes that will give you a healthy mind and body. The willpower to say no is hard sometimes but you have to be stronger than the urge. It takes time and we all slip every now and then but you just haev to say, OK I slipped but know I was wrong and now I will be back on track.
Coming here and posting will help you, I know it helps me. Especially knowing that all these women and sometimes men, know exactly where I am coming from because they have been there or are there now.
Type out a insirational saying and tack it to your mirror the fridge or wherever else you will see it. When you read it read it out loud everyday. Its a great way to insire yourself and enforces auto suggestion. Keep your thoughts possitive and you will get possitive results.
Also if you start slowly with some sort of daily physical activity even walking down to the end of the block and back, you will start to feel better. As you start to feel more confident in yourself you will soon discover that your activity level will go up. Anyway, didnt mean to sound like I was preaching, but sometimes we need that too. I KNOW you will find your path and do just great.
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