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Default Too close to 200?

Hi all,
I've been thinking about this alot lately and i thought i'd see if anyone else has the same type of feeling. As of this morning my weight is 191, that's less than 200, and i'm ecstatic about it, but at the same time i keep coming back to my goal. My current goal is 175, technically that'd still make me overweight, but as i can't remember having ever weighed less than 180, when i get to 175 it'll be a huge deal to me. My problem is i keep rethinking that goal. I keep asking myself "is it too close to 200?" I never want to see 200 on a scale again so long as i live, and i have this fear that i'll regain that weight one day. I feel this urge to lose as much as i can now in order to put as big a buffer as possible between me and 200. It's not that i want to be skinny, cause i really don't, i have a very curvy body and i wouldn't want to change that, i think i am just flat out terrified of weighing 200 lbs again. I wasn't miserable there, but i wasn't as happy and comfortable in my own skin as i am now. Anyway,does anyone else have the same type of feeling, or am i all alone in being a nut?
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Hi there,

I don't think you should worry about whether 175 is too close to 200. Why not wait until you reach your goal, try it out for a while, and decide then? Sometimes it's good to learn to maintain at a new weight before trying to slim down even more.

Good luck!
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I can sympathize with you. I think you should keep your goal at 175 for now though. You'll feel good when you get there and you can always reset your goal once you reach 175.

Hang in there!
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