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SqueakyBirds 06-04-2005 02:56 PM

Way to keep from overeating?
I've been on weight watchers points for about a week now, and I have not messed up once, or eaten one bite over 28 points :lol: But today is my little sisters birthday party, and we are having lots of chips and cake and ice cream, and my personal downfall, pizza. I have kind of pre-planned my 'menu' today, hoping it would help. Alreayd figured out the pizza and how much i can have, and the cake too. But when i went with my mom to buy some of the stuff for the party, i made sure to buy fat free sour cream pringles (i love them), so that i can have 15 for only one point, and not feel like i am missing anything, but also save the points for the stuff that takes a lot of points, as well. I have saved all of my 35 flex points for today, also. But i am afriad once i get a bit of the stuff that i have been not eating for a week, i will not have control to stop myself from, binging...
any hints or tips?

gray eyed girl 06-04-2005 03:16 PM

Pizza and cake? Oh, I hear you on trying not to overeat on those. I can't keep either in the house at all.

What I would do is drink big glasses of water before eating because that helps you feel full and I've also heard that sometimes what you feel as "hungry" is actually "thirsty" so it may decrease your appetite. Take a small piece of pizza, and eat it slowly. I'd try to stay busy helping with gifts or games or cleaning up or whatever, to stay away from the food. Are they having any veggies or fruit? I'd snack on those if you absolutely can't help yourself. You could even bring your own little container of celery or carrots, so that if you feel you absolutely must snack at least it's on healthy foods.

Good luck!

almostheaven 06-04-2005 04:45 PM

Eat before you go. Have a nice big salad and large water just before you leave. Then you'll only have room for a slice of pizza and a small piece of cake. ;)

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