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famograham 04-15-2005 07:04 PM

Hi everyone, My name is Linda (1st post)
Hi, I posted this introduction on the Eating disorders support board too, but wanted to try here as well, I hope that's OK. :)

I wasn't sure where to start and I hope I'm on the right part of the board (it's so huge!) If I'm in the wrong place, maybe one of you could help me find the right place to introduce myself?

Here goes, I'm a 27 yr. old SAHM of two beautiful kids DS7 and DD3, married for 8.5 yrs together with hubby for 10.5. Married at 18.
I guess I have been overweight for most of my life, since age 6 or 7.
Today I am 225 and extremely unhappy about it.
Around two years ago, I lost 40 pounds and was very proud of myself, but there's always a reason to quit....and then the weight came back.
The reason that time was: I'd lost the 40 pounds with food changes alone, I knew it was time to add in exercise, so I started working out. Now, I know that when someone starts working out, they will tend to gain a small amount of weight because they are building muscle. BUT, in my twisted mind...even though I knew better..I let the gain defeat me and gave up.
Story of my life.
So now, that 40lbs. is almost all back and I'm just so damned tired of this cycle. I'm tired of being a quitter. I'm tired of my intelligent mind crying out for me to stop....while my body walks to the kitchen to get some chips.

I'm beginning to believe that I have a true eating disorder...although I've told myself all my life that I'm not an emotional eater.
I just looked over the O.A. checklist and answered yes to nearly all the questions.

So, I'm ready to begin again...but I need support, and help from others.
I hope you'll welcome me, and help me to get my butt in gear!


Luciole 04-16-2005 01:52 AM

Heya Linda--

Welcome to the forums :grouphug: We're glad to have you!

I don't think it matters too much where you post--I mean, you're here for support and this is the support forum! If you're interested in finding a diet buddy you might want to post over at Buddy Up, but other than that, we're all here to offer up support and advice :)

I thought I'd reply to you because my life story is very similar to yours. Heavy my whole life, up and down here and there, always gaining back what I lost in the end :( I just wanted to pass along some hope to you though. After all those years of trial and error, success and failure, I finally managed to put everything together and find a healthy plan that worked for me. It took me two years to go from 240 to 155--which seems like an excrutiatingly long time when you're at the beginning--but the good news is that I've managed to maintain the loss rather easily this time and have been holding strong at 155 or less for 2 years.

I just want you to know that just because you've lost weight and gained it back doesn't make you a failure--try not to be too rough on yourself. Controlling a weight issue, especially one that's been around your entire life, is definitely a tricky task. Take heart in how well you did when you lost the 40 lbs before and all of the things you learned about yourself and dieting while doing so. It's awesome that you're motivated again to lose weight! Just try to apply that motivation and all that you've learned to this next stage in your life.

Trial and error, sucess and failure... I think all of us have experienced a lot of both in our weight loss journeys. But try to be positive and think of the long run. You already know that you can lose weight--you've done it! Hopefully this time around you can figure out a plan that really really works for you.

Best of luck and keep us posted!!!

famograham 04-18-2005 02:10 PM

Hi Luciole
Thanks so much for your reply!

It's already a relief to reconnect with people on the same path as me.
And I'm so happy to hear of your success.

It think a sense of community will really make a difference for me.

So, can you tell me what is the busiest area of the boards, or give me any tips or suggestions as a newbie? I'd appreciate anything you have to share!

Anyway, thanks again for the warm welcome and I hope to talk to you again soon, OK?
Linda :)

Luciole 04-18-2005 10:51 PM


Originally Posted by famograham
...So, can you tell me what is the busiest area of the boards, or give me any tips or suggestions as a newbie? I'd appreciate anything you have to share!...

Well I'm quite the newb myself so anything I can suggest suggest about the forums isn't from experience necessarily! These forums are great when it comes time for motivation. Support and success both seem to be "busy" areas, but I think it's most important that you make use of all of the forums. Even though I rarely or never post there, I like to read exercise, ladies who lift, maintainers, weight watchers... I find great ideas and encouragement in all of them. There's a 20-somethings forum at the bottom of the list that you might be interested in posting in since you're 27 (I'm 26 btw :) )

You said a sense of community has become important to you. I think you'll find that here. Today I was reading the TOPS forum and I think that sounds like a really nice program. TOPS is a support network set-up in smaller, local chapters and it's cheap! If you're interested read this.

On weight loss, everyone's different! I see a lot of successful people who post that they went on a structured diet, all-or-nothing, and finally managed to stick with it. My personal success, however, was just being honest with myself and admitting that I was not eating in a healthy manner. After that I decided to make small changes, here and there, to improve my life. I never started with weight loss in mind. I said, "I'm going to be healthier and make intelligent choices... and if I lose weight that's great. But if not, hey, I'll know I'm healthy..." and that worked for me.

Since you've already lost you obviously know some things that work for you. My biggest suggestion would be to make sure that the changes that you make are ones that you are willing to stick with long term. I think the term "life style" change is really much more appropriate than "diet". Maybe you can follow a strict plan for a few months and lose weight, but if you can't follow it forever you'll probably regain in the long run :( So I always think, start small... and see where it gets you! What are some reasonable things you ways you can ammend your eating and activity habits on a daily level? Think of some, try them out, and chances are you'll lose a few pounds. And as you lose you'll become increasingly motivated to make more small changes :) Be healthy and happy :)

Anyway, I hope that helps out. PM me anytime if you need to talk more... and I'll see you around the boards!

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